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[Top 10] Best Small Espresso Machine with Buyer’s Reviews

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By Stacy Sanders

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Best Small Espresso Machines

Is enjoying a delicious espresso your daily habit? Want to save your budget by making this favorite drink at home? Therefore, finding a small coffee machine that occupies a minimal area is wise.

This article is for you if you are an espresso enthusiast looking for a small model. I have done many actual tests to find the best small espresso machines.

These models can create the most beautiful flavors for your taste. Keep scrolling down to find the version that suits your needs!

Our Top Picks: Best Small Espresso Machines

Ratings & Price on Amazon at the time of publication

#1. Best Small Espresso Machines For Overall~$110~7,894See
#2. Best Small Espresso Machines For Foaming Cream
#3. Best Small Espresso Machines For Portability
#4. Best Small Espresso Machines For Home Coffee
#5. Best Small Espresso Machines For Versatility
#6. Best Small Espresso Machines For Luxurious Design
#7. Best Small Espresso Machines For Tight Space
#8. Best Small Espresso Machines For Time-Saving
#9. Best Small Espresso Machines For Budget
#10. Best Small Espresso Machines For Home Concoctions

The 10 Best Small Espresso Machine In-depth Review

Finding a perfect small espresso machine can be challenging. After testing and reviewing the top 10 picks, I’ll provide information on the pros and cons of each. The objective information below is beneficial for you to make the right choice.

#1. Best Small Espresso Machines For Overall

Product Highlights

If I could only keep one model of coffee machine in my kitchen, my answer would be the De’Longhi Stilosa. It has all the advantages I look for in a simple espresso machine.

My first impression is its rather elegant and intelligent design. It is compact enough to appear in any modern kitchen with limited space. The stainless steel components also allow it to last for many years. It is an advantage over most competitors, whose performance could be more stable after a long time.

The De’Longhi Stilosa is more than just a model with a sleek, sophisticated design. With many intelligent features, it started my journey of making delicious espresso at home.

I’ve used De’Longhi’s Stilosa to make espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos and achieved the desired results. Its optimal pressure keeps my coffee perfectly full. Combined with the separate mixer, the Stilosa is one of the best extracting mini espresso machines I’ve ever used.

Also, its cup holder allows me to tailor my espresso to my liking. Not many small dispensers support as many different cup sizes as De’Longhi.

Its other unique feature is that it comes with a manual milk frother. So, in addition to making rich espresso, this device also helps me to create authentic cappuccinos or late coffees.

There is no denying the advantages that the foaming espresso machine brings. However, its foam wand is more challenging to use.

  • Compact and elegant design.
  • Adjust the coffee to your liking.
  • Available for making latte and cappuccino
  • Optimum pressure keeps the coffee strong.
  • The foaming wand is a bit difficult to use

#2. Best Small Espresso Machines For Foaming Cream

Product Highlights

Like Stilosa, De’Longhi EC680M is compact, taking up minimal space. The EC680M also features a sturdy steel construction that promises to satisfy your home brewing needs for a long time.

Although its design is similar to the previous models I have used, De’Longhi EC680M possesses many unique and outstanding features.

This best espresso machine allows you to make coffee. Its single espressos, as well as its cappuccinos and lattes, have the same taste and texture as my favorite coffee drink.

In particular, this model also comes with a unique manual foam generator. It combines steam and milk, helping me create a rich, creamy foam on my drink.

I can also customize the foam texture and drink to my liking. With De’Longhi EC680M, making coffee at home is no longer difficult.

The De’Longhi EC680M is an easy-to-use model. However, besides the simple features that make it easy to prepare in seconds, it also allows users to customize a lot to get their favorite drinks like a pro.

One of the features I appreciate most about the EC680M is the Automatic Flow Stop. Even if you have never brewed espresso before, you can still distribute the coffee evenly and maintain the correct brewing temperature with this feature.

This model also supports quite a few adjustable control buttons. When I first approached the espresso maker, I used these controls sparingly.

However, after getting acquainted, I could modify the brewing process, thereby creating coffee cups according to personal taste.

EC680M also conquered me with many other advantages, such as a three-in-one filter holder, space-saving design, and optimal temperature maintenance system.

This espresso maker has disadvantages, such as the unreasonable on/off switch position. I think the button would be more accessible if placed in the front of the automatic espresso machine rather than near the back.

  • Simple to use.
  • It can create greasy cream foam.
  • Includes premium three-in-one filter holder
  • Maintain temperature and save preparation time.
  • Customizable foam texture, coffee, and flexible temperature
  • The on/off switch position is not reasonable.

#3. Best Small Espresso Machines For Portability

Product Highlights

Wacaco is my favorite brand of portable coffee makers. Whenever I am asked about small, light, and convenient espresso machines, I recommend Wacoco products, especially Wacaco Minipresso NS.

I’ve stuck with this portable coffee maker on camping trips, mountaineering, and long-distance adventures. And Wacaco has never let me down by delivering delicious coffee every time.

This hand-held coffee maker has a length, width, and height of 2.76” x 6.89” x 2.36”, respectively. It’s compact enough to stash in a travel backpack or accompany me to work.

I used to suspect this compact device with the manual process wouldn’t be able to produce the proper espresso. However, this compact unit quickly extracted the coffee and delivered the hot espressos and crema I’ve always loved.

After a long enough use, I can confidently affirm that the taste that Wacaco brings is no different from a traditional espresso machine.

All I needed to do to get my favorite coffee on the go was add capsules and hot water to the water tank, unlock the plunger, and pump a few times.

This compact unit quickly extracts coffee and delivers those hot espressos and crema I’ve always loved. The particular advantage of Wacaco, utterly different from other portable espresso makers, is its high accuracy and low errors.

When used with NS Capsules, the coffee is ground and compressed in a perfect and convenient process.

The Wacaco Minipresso NS is ideal for camping and travel. It is also a great companion for busy people, such as flight attendants or long-distance drivers.

  • Durable material.
  • High accuracy, less error.
  • Compact handheld design, high portability.
  • Compatible with many different types of tablets
  • Difficult to clean

#4. Best Small Espresso Machines For Home Coffee

Product Highlights

Are you looking for a quick and convenient home coffee maker? Breville Nespresso Creatista is one of the most worth-trying options today.

Right from the first use, I was surprised by the features Breville supports. Many intelligent features appear in the compact and modern mini espresso machine.

One of its most important features is the three programmable dispensing options. With these advantages, I quickly got the perfect espresso.

So, you can also create a lungo or ristretto with this model. The taste of the coffee you receive will surprise you. This espresso maker also allows you to unleash your creativity with many customizations.

The manufacturer offers 8 formulas, 8 milk froth textures, and 11 milk temperature options. I have yet to have a chance to test all of Breville’s customizations. Yet, with just a few small changes, I’ve been able to create full-bodied drinks to my taste right at home.

I am not only impressed with the dispenser’s features but also immensely love some of the accessories that come with the device. I used its spout to create artistic swirls of coffee. Meanwhile, its stainless milk jug is quite functional. In addition to making coffee, I use it for many other tasks in my kitchen.

For other advantages, it supports adjustment over high-resolution screens. You can also interact with the mini espresso machine to learn about the preparation steps, ingredient preparation, and equipment maintenance.

This innovation helps users focus more on the creative process instead of spending much time on complicated controls.

I am still satisfied with the experience this home coffee machine brings. However, I still hope the manufacturer can improve its foaming.

This espresso maker does not come with a separate foam generator; instead with pre-programmed foam and temperature settings.

So, it limits the water, resulting in not as much foam as I expected. As a result, I only have drinking cups with less foam and more liquid.

  • Heat for three seconds.
  • Auto-off mode saves energy.
  • Multiple temperature settings
  • Convenient touchscreen control.
  • Three pre-programmed brewing options.
  • This automatic espresso machine produces less foam than expected.

#5. Best Small Espresso Machines For Versatility

Product Highlights

Want a versatile espresso machine model to create many delicious drinks in your narrow kitchen space? Nestle Nespresso Vertuo is an option worth considering.

This mini espresso machine usually has a compact design, delivering delicious drinks at the touch of a button. Its capacity and performance are good enough to cater to the coffee enjoyment needs of an entire family on any occasion.

However, what I love most about the Nestle Nespresso Vertuo Plus is not its compact design or impressive performance. It won me over with the versatility that only a few devices of the same size and price can offer.

This espresso machine supports brewing up to 4 different cup sizes, 5 oz, 8 oz, and single and double espresso. I can also make my favorite iced coffees and lattes from this versatile single-serve dispenser.

For a family with many different users, a multi-cup dispenser like the Nespresso VertuoPlus is worth considering.

The coffee flavor it creates is also quite perfect. With its original Nespresso pod, I have been able to get quality coffees equal to those at famous cafes.

In addition to these advantages, this dispenser has many impressive features, such as 20 seconds dispensing mode, centrifugal technology, and others.

  • Compact design.
  • Perfect coffee taste.
  • Impressive performance.
  • Heat up within 20 seconds.
  • Support dispensing 4 different cup sizes.
  • No cup holder.

#6. Best Small Espresso Machines For Luxurious Design

Product Highlights

Manufacturers bring only a few breakthroughs in the small coffee machine design. Unlike traditional froth milk devices, small coffee espresso machines only need to take up as little space as possible and exude a modern look.

Yet, Nestle Nespresso CitiZ Original is an exception. This best machine has a luxurious, sophisticated design. Even those with the most demanding aesthetic must commend this Red Dot award-winning milk frother design.

In addition to impressing with a design suitable for all urban kitchens, De’Longhi’s CitiZ also possesses many breakthroughs in features.

This espresso maker supports making Espresso and Lungo coffee according to two pre-programmed programs. Its auto-brew function makes it easy for even novices to get their hands on their favorite drink.

When using it to make espresso, I was extremely pleased with its perfect heat control. In just 25 seconds of start-up, the unit is ready to deliver barista style.

The drink I received also tasted quite impressive. This model maintains each coffee capsule’s delicate taste and premium aroma. It also creates a thick crema that I’ve always loved.

In addition to espresso, I use CitiZ to create lungo glasses and apply some unique recipes. I must also commend the energy-saving advantages. After 9 minutes of inactivity, this best espresso machine will automatically shut down. I also tried adjusting the drip tray timeout to save more power.

And the results are pretty surprising compared to some “A” rated models. My CitiZ is up to 40% more energy efficient.

Besides many advantages, this coffee maker still comes with some disadvantages. Some good examples are the non-slip metal cup base, the small coffee pod holder, and the non-automatic descaling.

  • Beautiful and elegant design.
  • Efficient energy saving.
  • Drinks have a unique taste.
  • Perfect heat control.
  • Available with many coffee-based beverages.
  • Set automatic coffee descaling feature.

#7. Best Small Espresso Machines For Tight Space

Product Highlights

The Breville Nespresso BEC430TTN Pixie is a steam wand espresso machine that anyone with a limited kitchen space should consider.

The BEC430TTN Pixie is the most compact espresso maker on this list. Its 11cm width fits perfectly into any kitchen with the most limited space.

Despite its compact design, Nespresso Pixie still has many outstanding features similar to the suggestions I suggested above. This automatic espresso machine is one of the best coffee maker models that meet my coffee enjoyment needs.

This one-touch mini espresso machine model supports preparing espresso and lunges in two coffee cup sizes. Its flexible collapsible cup holder is also suitable for me to make coffee in my extensive travel mug.

Breville Nespresso BEC430TTN Pixie also contributes significantly to creating coffee with unforgettable taste. Its 19-bar pump captures every Nespresso flavor while creating a unique crema.

It has a fairly classic design, which can conquer all experts in the field of dispensing. Its design is also quite user-friendly.

Even the small children in my family quickly get used to its buttons and make their favorite drinks. Another reason I’ve always appreciated the BEC430TTN Pixie is because it’s pretty easy to clean.

Compared to many competitors with complex structures, the BEC430TTN Pixie’s compact and easy-to-use design helps me to save time on cleaning.

Breville Nespresso BEC430TTN Pixie would be perfect if it filled my small coffee cup. This espresso maker didn’t fill up my demitasse. Instead, its coffee was about half an inch.

Yet, this drawback is not a big deal for me because I have had a lot of experience dealing with basic machine errors.

  • Unique crema layer.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It supports brewing coffee in two sizes
  • Compact design fits into limited spaces.
  • Flexible adjustable cup holder.
  • Refrain from filling the small coffee cup.

#8. Best Small Espresso Machines For Time-Saving

Product Highlights

Regarding Gevi, I immediately think of high-end devices with many convenient features. And the Gevi Espresso Machine 20 Bar is no exception!

Modern features appear in this small coffee machine model to deliver delicious coffee quickly. One of my favorite modern features of the Gevi Espresso Machine is the Thermoblock system. This advanced rapid heating system helps me to have delicious coffee with rich milk foam in just 45 seconds.

More than simply a quick dispensing machine, Gevi also creates unique flavored drinks. I compared drinks made with a 15 – 18 bar pressure mini espresso machine with a Gevi 20 bar product. As expected, the coffee brewed through the high-pressure pump has a more aromatic and richer crema flavor.

After a long time, I discovered quite a few other clever features. For example, stable steam control helps this steam wand espresso machine create a rich and beautiful cream, while the intelligent temperature control system keeps the coffee in its ideal state.

I have used Gevi to make cappuccinos, latte art, and flat whites at home and in the office. And in any case, this model offers drinks with the best taste.

I am also pleased with its removable smart drip tray. Unlike some devices that do not provide an attached holder accessory, Gevi allows me to change many different cups flexibly. It comes in handy every time I use the espresso quantity adjustment feature.

  • Smart steam control.
  • Available in various spaces
  • Flexible temperature control
  • Create coffee in just 45 seconds.
  • Delivering delicious, crema-rich flavored drinks.
  • Unattractive design.

#9. Best Small Espresso Machines For Budget

Product Highlights

If you are looking for an espresso machine that produces delicious espressos similar to those at an expensive coffee shop, the EC260BK will surely satisfy you.

This mini espresso machine satisfies my delicious daily routine. Its pressure is optimal enough for me to make perfect single or double espressos.

In addition, its manual milk frother also helps me prepare a latte art or cappuccino with a uniform texture and rich, creamy foam.

I made authentic cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites with just a compact and affordable model. With this model, you don’t need to visit cafes as often. You will enjoy spending time in your kitchen creating unique milk frother recipes.

Becoming an expert bartender at home with the EC260BK is simpler than ever, as this model is relatively easy to clean. I only spend time cleaning or maintaining the machine. However, its performance is still quite well maintained up to now, which is likely to be stable for the next many years.

I had no trouble removing the coffee grounds and dirt in the filter or the boiler.

This budget-friendly model also has a durable build and sturdy design. Its boiler part has outstanding durability. It hardly crashes during my time using it.

Although it does not take too much time for cleaning, its performance is still well maintained, and it promises to work well for many years.

With an affordable price tag, complete accessories, compact size, and valuable features, the EC260BK deserves to be many people’s first espresso machine.

My only dislike is that it does not include an auto-off mode like some competitors in the same segment. This omission only affected my experience with the froth milk device a little.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Compact and durable design.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • High-quality accessories
  • It can be used to make different drinks.
  • No automatically turns off.

#10. Best Small Espresso Machines For Home Concoctions

Product Highlights

With De’Longhi ECP3420, you will have the right drinks to your liking. Even your drinks taste like the favorite coffee at a famous coffee shop.

To provide such a great experience, De’Longhi has equipped this model with a 15-bar professional pressure, intelligent manual foaming, a three-in-one filter holder, and a temperature maintenance system.

I tested the ECP3420 long enough to appreciate all of the above fully. The results show that all features equipped by De’Longhi bring outstanding efficiency.

Using the ECP3420, my coffee beans are always decorated with beautiful, creamy foam. The drink has the same taste and texture I’ve always loved.

I discovered a little trick when using De’Longhi ECP3420 to have a better coffee: adjust the size and grind amount to get the desired extracted espresso before brewing.

With this machine, it took me a long time to find the optimal recipe for my favorite espresso. In particular, its water heating time has been fast and stable during the past 6 months. Accordingly, it only took me a few minutes to brew my beans and generate a rich powder.

I also grind coarsely to ensure that the pressure in the ECP3420 is always optimal. This steam wand espresso maker also serves many members of my family well. With a stand for two brews and temperature-maintaining technology, there’s almost no waiting time for my family to enjoy coffee.

This professional milk frother espresso machine also conquers me with its easy-to-clean advantage. I usually disassemble the water tank and drip tray and clean them in the dishwasher. Only a few coffee makers have as simple a cleaning process as the ECP3420.

It still allows water to flow into the reservoir for you to handle. My tip is to add soap to make the cleaning process faster. Of course, please clean it up last with a few water rinses to safely remove everything.

When reinstalling the water tank, you must be especially careful. If you don’t thread it properly, you will inadvertently create a mess.

  • Compact design for any space.
  • It can be available in a dishwasher.
  • Create greasy cream foam
  • Quick dispensing with no waiting time
  • Support many drinks with beautiful textures and rich flavor
  • A bit difficult to install

Best Small Espresso Machines – Buying Guides

How to choose the best small espresso machines

What do you need in a small steam wand espresso machine model: the right size for limited space, a reasonable price, or the ability to make coffee quickly?

If you still need to determine which machine meets your needs, immediately consider the following criteria. The buying instructions that appear below will significantly help you.


Small espresso machines are a massive market with a wide range of products equal to traditional coffee machines. But, if you search for this device, you’ll mostly get one of the four machine types below:


This type usually comes with an electric pump. Its motor part regulates flow and pressure automatically, while the handle part allows you to grind and compact manually.

This milk-frother espresso machine is ideal for users who love to control their coffee. You can stop the extraction process anytime, add milk to create foam, or use the built-in blender to create more delicious drinks.

Fully automatic

With this coffee machine, you can make your favorite drink with just one button.

The froth milk device will automatically measure the water amount and the appropriate grinding intensity to produce cups of drinking water in a short time quickly.

Some more advanced devices will allow users to adjust the grind, temperature, and moisture so they can get a glass of drinking water to their liking.

With smart features, espresso machines are often quite expensive. It will also take up more counter space than a regular semi-automatic coffee machine.


You can go for it if you want total control over the coffee-making process.

This device will include a lever; you’ll need to pull it to get your favorite steam wand espresso.

Professionals or coffee connoisseurs will love these beautiful, expensive, complicated espresso machines. On the contrary, if you have no previous coffee-making experience, you will likely spoil your drink.


It is quite a convenient machine, very suitable for use on long trips and business trips.

Because with this machine, you will only need to prepare capsules and hot water. When you put the prepared ingredients in the appliance and press a button, you get a delicious steam wand espresso and a rich crema.

The only regret about this dispenser model is that it does not have a foam generator or similar accessories. Therefore its foam layer will be lighter and more beautiful than you would like.


Coffee machine size will depend on counter space, brew volume, and other essential features.

For example, portable espresso machines are often like thermos flasks. It is compact and offers the most basic coffee-making features.

Meanwhile, espresso makers that support multi-cup preparation or multi-use espresso machines will get a larger size.

Consider the space you can allocate for the coffee machine, the amount you are willing to spend, and the critical features the device needs to have to make the correct choice.


Small espresso machines are known for their ease of cleaning.

Cleaning the steam wand espresso makers after each preparation will take less time than traditional bulky equipment.

The parts that need a more thorough cleaning are the milk frother and dripper. But both of these are easy to wash off.

Some other espresso makers will require you to spend more time cleaning when a milk container is connected to the machine by a straw.

If you have little time for cleaning and cleaning, stay away from this drip tray device. At the same time, you should also look for products available in the dishwasher.

Water heater

The ability to deliver hot water consistently and quickly is one of the features I always look for in small espresso machines.

The hot water supply will significantly affect the preparation time and the flavor of the coffee you receive.

I always appreciate dispensers with a PID controller that has precise analysis, which helps regulate the boiler temperature to provide a consistent amount of hot water.

Some other models have intelligent heaters. This feature will save you from having to wait between each brew. Instead, it heats up in about 20 seconds and is ready to serve any hot beverage.

Filter baskets

I am more interested in devices with pressurized filter baskets or so-called double-wall filter baskets than traditional instruments.

Models with multiple filter baskets will force the coffee out through the hole in the middle of the basket.

As a result, coffee always has a reasonably high saturation. The coffee’s density is also from the first second they come into contact with hot water until the brewing process is complete.

If uneven extraction is your biggest worry when making steam wand espresso, you should invest in equipment with multiple filter baskets.

You can also now find devices with only one filter basket. These traditional devices will allow you to notice even the most minor changes when grinding and preparing coffee. It will be a worthy choice for those looking to practice their mixing skills.

Manual brewing options

There’s no denying the convenience that programming-based espresso brewing brings. Many current dispensers are pre-programmed with two modes of espresso and lungo.

With this feature, even those who have never tried making coffee at home can get their favorite drinks with the right taste.

However, according to my observations, the coffee extraction process is shorter or longer than I would like when using the pre-programmed feature. The pre-programmed steps also did not help me get drinks with flavors to suit my taste.

Therefore, I often look for models that support brewing in both manual and automated methods. Both methods will help you both save time and personalize your preparation.

Extra Features

In the past, small espresso machines were often not popular due to limited features. But now, manufacturers have continued making efforts to equip many outstanding features on the compact dispenser.

Pumping system

One of the features you need to be most concerned about is the pressure in the pump. The higher the pressure in the pump, the better the ability to extract flavor from finely ground coffee.

Pressure and display

The most popular dispensers will get an 8 – 9 bar pressure. Yet, the best espresso machines are usually 15 bars or more.

The electronic display is another feature that’s not required but is also quite helpful and worth considering.

The electronic display will visually display temperature, pressure, and dispensing time information. This feature does not directly determine the coffee flavor but will simplify your brewing process.

Steam wand

The steam wand is also a feature you should consider if you enjoy cups of coffee with a thick layer of condensed milk.

The wands that provide the best user experience should have about 2-4 small holes, can rotate flexibly, and be easy to use.

In addition to the above utilities, you should consider complete equipment such as spoons and editing tools.


The more unique features, the higher the price of the coffee machine. In contrast, the most basic equipment will be more affordable.

In addition, the cost also depends on the materials or technologies that the manufacturer provides.

To be a smart consumer, it’s better to specify how much you’re willing to pay for a small coffee maker. Then, search and compare models within this budget to find the best fit.


There are quite a few other exciting things related to small espresso machines that I want to share with you. However, I can only answer your questions regarding espresso machines.

Are 15 bars good for an espresso machine?

Typically, most home espresso machine models have a pressure between 8 and 9 bars. It is a sound bar for coffee extraction. However, if you want strong espresso, 15 bars is the ideal number.

Is Breville or DeLonghi better?

Breville and De’Longhi are quite famous brands in the production of coffee machines. However, Breville has the advantage in large capacity models. Meanwhile, Delonghi focuses on creating sleek models with dimensions that fit into tight spaces.

Which espresso machine does Starbucks use?

Currently, Starbucks coffee shops around the world are using innovative Mastrena dispensing equipment. These models are intended for commercial use and help streamline coffee-making.

How do I choose an espresso machine for my home?

There are quite a few criteria you need to consider when choosing a coffee and espresso machine for your home. Some questions you need to include budget, space, and usage needs.

What machines are used by baristas?

Baristas often use espresso machines to make strong black coffee. In addition, they also use steam generators to create beautiful, greasy milk foam drinks.

Baristas also use many other assistive devices, such as coffee grinders, foaming spoons, and thermometers, to measure water temperature.

Final Thoughts

I have spent a lot of time searching, comparing, and testing to find the best small espresso machine. You can find products that suit your level, barista skills, budget, and needs in this list.

For example, Wacaco Minipresso NS will be an excellent choice to enjoy a delicious espresso while camping. Meanwhile, De’Longhi ECP3420 is a name worth considering if you want to make professional coffee at home.

Take a close look at your needs and the buying instructions and suggestions in the article. Then, you will find the equipment that meets your requirements to have delicious and rich coffees.

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