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When To Take Moka Pot Off Heat? HOW TO USE A MOKA POT?

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By Rowena Cyr

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A moka pot is made up of 5 parts

The Moka pot, among the most well-known traditional brewing devices worldwide, is a recognizable symbol of Italian culture.

It provides an accessible access point for specialty espresso thanks to its recognizable appearance, simplicity of use, and widespread availability.

Although the Moka pot is frequently used to make a heavy espresso at home, it is pretty adaptable.

Homebrewers may utilize it to try specialty coffee or even replicate well-known coffee shop drinks with some practice.

However, it’s best to learn how to use this device and when to take Moka pot off heat for a better taste and experience.

Let’s scroll down this article to discover everything related to this traditional coffee brewing pot and method!

What Is A Moka Pot?

A Moka pot is a small Italian-made coffee pot and often features eight sides. It is commonly used in traditional kitchens, especially in European countries.

It doesn’t need the power to operate. It is not complicated like the systems used in cafe shops.

Although this tool is well-known for its traditional style, most consumers want a new pot for brewing espresso at home.

If you want a tool to brew espresso, a Moka pot should be considered first.

Thanks to this tool, you will get a dense, full-bodied espresso without fancy or expensive equipment.

Anyone who likes espresso will get a completely authentic experience owing to this ancient method.

When To Take Moka Pot Off Heat?

How do you know when Moka pot is done? Your coffee is ready to take off the heat when it begins gurgling.

This bubbling sound indicates that steam has pushed water into the upper tank and goes through your coffee grounds.

It’s worth mentioning that if the steam is much hotter than the ideal brewing temperature, your coffee may be burned and has an intensely bitter flavor.

For this reason, the perfect time to turn off the heat for a Moka Pot is just before it begins to gurgle.

However, you must anticipate precisely when the steam starts rising. Below are some tips to ensure your beverage doesn’t get burned!

Lift The Moka Pot A Few Centimeters Away From The Stove.

When you notice a considerable amount of beverage in the pot’s top chamber, it’s a good idea to lift the tool a few centimeters off the burner.

This way, you can reduce the pressure and temperature in your pot, pushing the water to go out more slowly.

Put Your Pot To The Edge Of Your Stove.

Placing the pot at the edge of your burner will lessen the pressure and temperature inside, which makes your beverage brew more slowly.

Turn The Stove Off And Leave The Pot On It For A Few Minutes

After you see coffee in the upper chamber of your pot, turn off the burner while leaving the machine over it.

The remaining heat will continue your coffee without burning it due to the weak temperature.

Time to remove the tool off heat

How To Use A Moka Pot?

Once you know the proper technique, using it may be straightforward. You can follow the steps below!

Choose The Right Coffee

Typically, you will need around 20 (g) of coffee to brew in a Moka pot. You can add freshly ground to this beverage.

You must choose a high-quality ground if you want your espresso to be smooth.

If you prefer finely ground at an espresso-level grind, it’s a good idea to utilize pre-ground variants.

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Fill It With Water

Before adding water to the grounds, boil it on your stovetop. Once it has reached a boiling temperature, pour it into your Moka pot.

It would be best if you filled the pot halfway up from the bottom.

Add The Coffee Grounds

You will find a small metal filter basket in your Moka pot. You will have to add coffee grounds to this component.

Besides, you must pay attention to the coffee-water ratio. Typically, it’s acceptable to add 1 – 2 scoops.

Avoid patting down your grounds. They should be loose. It’s better to shake the basket’s edges.

This way, your beverage will settle down uniformly. After filling the grounds, insert the basket on your pot base.

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Add The Top

You must attach the top part or the spout of your Moka pot in place. It’s straightforward.

You only need to screw the basket while holding the pot’s base with your hand. After that, turn the spout to fasten it.

It’s worth noting that boiling water may burn you. Therefore, you must tighten this part firmly to avoid any accidents.

Place It On The Stove

It’s time to heat your beverage. All you need is to put your tool on your stove burner.

It’s best to use electric stoves to heat this pot. However, gas stoves also work well.

Set the heat of the fire to medium. Don’t rush yourself with high temperatures because it may burn your Moka pot and beverage.

Watch What Is Happening

Your Moka pot gets to work once it is on the stove. The water reaches its boiling point, especially at the bottom of the machine. At this time, you can notice steam.

After, steam will force the boiling water through your coffee. You can see rich black coffee in the upper section within a few minutes.

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Extra Tips For Using A Moka Pot

If it’s your first time brewing your cup of espresso using a Moka pot, the following tips may be helpful:

  • It would be best not to leave the machine on the burner once the brewing procedure is complete. It might go by unexpectedly rapidly.
  • This tool will create strong coffee-like espresso, so consider your favorite flavor.
  • If you want a classic taste, it’s best to opt for dark roast coffee beans.
  • Ensure your machine is compatible with the stove model you plan to use.
  • You can use gas stoves, but Moka pots work well with electric burners.
  • You should use filtered water to brew coffee because it contains fewer minerals in your machine and makes it work properly.
  • This tool features many parts, so you should keep them clean.
  • Wait for a few minutes until the pot cools down before cleaning it.
  • Remove the components and wash all pieces individually. You can use a soap-water solution to quickly clean the filter and top part.
  • Rinse the bottom water compartment quickly. Use a vinegar-water solution to eliminate mineral build-up.
You can skip the boiling task

Can You Take Moka Pot Off Heat Too Soon?

The answer depends on how soon you remove your coffee maker from the heat.

For instance, removing your pot from your burner a couple of seconds before it starts gurgling is acceptable. It won’t cause any issues as your coffee is ready to drink.

However, your beverage will get under-extracted if you rush to remove your machine too soon.

That’s because the first shot should be brewed under the optimal temperature (195°F).

You should know that if you brew coffee longer, the temperature will be hotter, and the extraction will be better.

So, removing the machine too soon will create more under-extracted beverages.

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Working with cold water is safer

How Long Does It Take To Brew In A Moka Pot?

Generally, it may take around 3 to 5 minutes to brew coffee with a Moka pot, depending on your pot’s size, the grind size, and your preference.

These pots are available in different sizes. Typically, a larger tool will require a more extended period to brew coffee than a smaller one.

Additionally, if the grounds are relatively fine, the brewing time will be slightly shorter. You can learn more about coffee grind size in this video:

Besides, you can modify this duration, depending on your preference, but the right time should remain3 – 5 minutes.

Time to brew a Moka pot

Should You Leave Your Moka Pot On The Stove After Brewing?

After brewing your drink, you often leave the pot on the burner while adding other ingredients like sugar or milk, but it’s not advisable!

Even when you’ve turned off the burner, the remaining temperature can be hot enough to make your coffee burn.

Although you may not hear the gurgling sound, your beverage will get bitter when you leave it over the heat.

Tips for using the tool

Do You Need To Cool Down Your Moka Pot After Brewing?

The short answer is yes! Even after you take your Moka pot off the heat, it still gets hot inside, and your coffee continues to brew.

Moreover, the internal pressure will not drop down immediately, so this pressure is enough to push your over-extracted drink to the upper chamber.

For these reasons, you should immediately cool down your pot’s internal pressure and heat by running cold water over its bottom chamber. Otherwise, using a cool towel to wrap the pot’s base is a good idea.

Cool the pot down


How Do You Turn Off The Heat On A Moka Pot?

You can use a cool towel to wrap your pot’s base or run cold water over its bottom chamber.

How Long Do You Leave A Moka Pot On The Stove?

You can place your pot over the heat for around 3 – 5 minutes.

Should I Tamp My Moka Pot?

The short answer is no! The grounds should be loose to brew a cup of espresso.

Why Does My Moka Taste Burnt?

That’s because you leave the pot on the stove for a longer time than required.

Should You Wash Moka Pot After Every Use?

Yes! Cleaning after every use helps reduce mineral build-up in the pot.

Can I Use Moka Pot Grounds Twice?

Using the grounds twice is not a good idea because the taste will be bitter and weak.

The Bottom Line

When to take a Moka pot off heat? You can remove it from the burner if you notice it begins gurgling.

Never leave the pot on the stove for a longer period than needed. Otherwise, your beverage will taste burned and bitter.

Besides, it would be best if you didn’t remove the heat too soon since your coffee will become under-extracted to enjoy.

Hopefully, our guides are useful for you!

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