Why Are Coffee Grinders So Expensive? 4 Reasons To Check

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Quality beans are only a part of tasty coffee. You also need a high-quality grinder to bring out its best.

Coffee enthusiasts want to invest in high-quality equipment to make their homemade coffee. But they mind the cost. Then you may ask, “Why are coffee grinders so expensive?”

This article will help you answer this question. You will learn how important the grinders are to your java. So let’s scroll down to discover the truth!

Why Are Coffee Grinders So Expensive?

Coffee grinders are expensive because they have modern designs and come with multiple adjustments. Moreover, despite their high cost, you will be willing to buy them because of their importance in making coffee.

We use coffee grinders to grind coffee beans. Hence, we refer to the importance of grinding the beans when discussing the importance of those machines.


The aroma and taste of espresso depend significantly on the consistency and size of the coffee grounds.

Specifically, if the coffee grounds are too coarse, you will get dull, under-extracted java. Meanwhile, if you brew too fine grounds, the result will be bitter and over-extracted.

As a result, your coffee grinder should perform consistent grinds to achieve a delicious cup of java. You will, therefore, want a powerful, expensive grinder for this task.


It’s not easy to make a coffee grinder. For example, manufacturers must use high-quality materials to ensure their products’ reliability.

The construction and design are other things to consider. It will take up a lot of effort and time, hence raising the price of your grinder.


To make a tasty cup of espresso, you need fine grinds. Yet, cold brew requires larger grinds to pull it off. Luckily, you can achieve these effects at the grinding step.

One of the best things about coffee grinders is that they allow you to adjust the coarseness levels of your coffee beans. And this feature costs money.

Coffee grinders offer multiple adjustments. You can easily manage these settings by just clicking on a button.


Coffee grinders are in high demand because of the specialty coffee culture. The increasing popularity of home-brewing coffee will also raise the demand.

There are more and more coffee shops these days. They will then influence utilizing high-quality coffee beans to get the best aroma and flavor possible.

In addition, many people work from home these days. Since they spend more time indoors, there will be a higher demand for coffee grinders.

Interestingly, the high demand affects the price of coffee grinders because manufacturers want to capitalize on the increasing interest in coffee culture.

Moreover, increasing the price in this scenario is a must. Economists need such a tool to reflect on the fluctuation of the coffee industry.

Which Coffee Grinders Are More Expensive?

Coffee grinders are expensive in general. However, their costs vary depending on the type of machine.

Manual Vs. Electric

Electric grinders are more expensive because they work faster. Their powerful motors allow them to grind the beans more efficiently than the manual models do.

Moreover, electric grinders have more advanced features. Adding timers, digital displays, and programmable grind settings will all add up to the cost.

On the other hand, manual grinders rely on manual work. They are, therefore, more labor-intensive and time-consuming.

However, manual grinders still have advantages over their electric counterparts. For example, they run quietly and give you more control over the grind size.

Besides that, some manual coffee grinders are expensive due to their premium materials. Specifically, ceramic or stainless steel grinders cost more than basic electric models.

Burr Vs. Blade

Burr grinders often involve more complicated engineering to produce the needed grind consistency. This characteristic makes them more expensive to build.

Burr grinders crush the beans between two burrs using a sophisticated and accurate mechanism. The final product of this process is a uniform and constant grind size.

On the other hand, blade grinders utilize a straightforward mechanism. Specifically, they use a spinning blade to chop the beans.

As a consequence, blade grinders yield uneven grind sizes and are less consistent. The result, thus, will be less aromatic and flavorful.

Even so, the price of a coffee grind depends on its features, quality, material, and brand. There are, therefore, some cases where blade grinders cost more than burr models.

Some high-end blade grinders have advanced features, such as a larger blade size and adjustability settings. They will increase the cost of the machine.

Similarly, burr grinders don’t come from big brands or premium materials. As a result, they can be affordable.

How Much Should You Invest In A Coffee Grinder?

There are three price ranges to expect as follows:

  • Low-end grinders: $20 to $50
  • Mid-end grinders: $100 to $300
  • High-end grinders: More than $400

You should consider your personal preferences and brewing needs to choose the right product. For example, casual coffee drinkers only need a lower-end grinder to make a few cups of coffee every week.

On the other hand, if you are more serious about coffee, invest in a mid-range model. And if the quality and consistency of coffee brewing are your top concern, high-end grinders will be your best bet.

Moreover, as aforementioned, you need coffee beans with different coarseness levels to enjoy espresso and cold brew. Hence, another thing to check is the brewing method needed for your favorite coffee. Of course, the more powerful motor can grind finer beans, but they cost more.

Here is the coarsest level of coffee beans needed for each type of coffee:

  • Extra coarse: cold brew, cowboy coffee, etc.
  • Coarse: coffee cupping, French press, percolator, etc.
  • Medium-coarse: solo brewer, Chemex coffee, etc.
  • Medium: siphon coffee, Aeropress, flat drip coffee, etc.
  • Medium-fine: Aeropress, pour-over brew, etc.
  • Fine: espresso, moka pot, Aeropress, etc.
  • Extra fine: Turkish coffee

Is A Cheap Coffee Grinder Any Good?

Coffee grinders are expensive. But what if you buy a cheap unit? Can it help with your coffee?

The answer is yes. You can use a cheaper coffee grinder if you are on a tight budget and don’t require a high precision level on the grind.

Low-end grinders are suitable for coffee that doesn’t ask for particularly accurate grind size. In this case, French press and drip coffee will be the best choices.

On the contrary, if you need high-end coffee drinks, you will surely want to buy high-end grinders.

For example, espresso requires a consistent and fine grind to achieve a perfect level of extraction. Unfortunately, cheap coffee grinders can’t produce that effect.

If you want to buy cheaper coffee grinders, manual, and blade variants will be the perfect choice for your budget. But to ensure it can work for your needs, check for these features:

  • Grind quality
  • Grind setting
  • Capacity
  • Size
  • Design
  • Durability

If you need help, please check this video. It will show you some tips to buy the best coffee grinder:


Coffee grinders are expensive because of the complicated manufacturing process and high-end materials. What’s more, the high demand adds up to the cost.

These models come in different price ranges. Sometimes, cheaper models can still work for your case. So, consider your personal needs to settle on the ideal coffee grinder.

Hopefully, you have discovered interesting facts about grinding coffee. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information about this topic.

Thank you for reading!

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