Can You Put Instant Coffee In A Coffee Maker? An Ultimate Guide

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Instant coffee is a terrific way to have a cup of joe while on the go, and it’s easy to make. However, that’s not always the case.

Can you put instant coffee in a coffee maker? What happens if you make your cup with this method? Contrary to popular belief, this way of brewing may not be a good idea to boost its flavor.

If you plan to try this technique, it’s better to consider several things before making your coffee. Let’s dive into this article to get more in-depth explanations!

What Is Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee is a convenient way to make coffee whenever you want. Thus, it’s suitable and beneficial for on-the-go enthusiasts.

The manufacturers grind, roast, freeze, and dehydrate the product before dissolving it in hot water to provide a fast regular beverage that isn’t bitter.

This drink is an excellent option if you want a warm cup immediately without spending much time prepping and cleaning.

Yet, when paired with freshly roasted ground coffee, it doesn’t taste as well.

The manufacturers use synthetic substances to avoid staleness, but this technique damages its natural flavor.

Nevertheless, this beverage is still well-liked among several coffee consumers due to its ease of use and quick processing.

If you want to know more about the manufacturing process of these products, watch the following video:

Can You Put Instant Coffee In A Coffee Maker?

The short answer is No! Brewing instant coffee in a coffee maker is not a good idea. Instead, you should add boiling water to your coffee.

What happens if you add this beverage to a coffee maker? The boiling water flows over the powder, diluting the drink. So, your cup will become watery.

Moreover, when brewed in a coffee machine, your beverage tastes more delicate than the coarse and medium ground.

It doesn’t match nicely with the water and coffee beans, which leads to an unwanted cup.

Below are the primary reasons why a coffee maker is unsuitable for brewing this beverage. Let’s take a closer look!

#1. Instant Coffee Is Unsuitable For The Coffee Maker’s Brewing Process.

As its name suggests, instant coffee is exceptionally convenient. You only need to add boiling water and enjoy your cup.

This type of beverage isn’t suitable for brewing an impressive cup of joe. The ingredient is insufficient to produce a potent brew.

The truth is that some manufacturers also contain compounds that will degrade the quality of the water.

Coffee powders for instant brewing contain caffeine and a synthetic brightener. The beverage may taste harsh or nasty as a result of this.

#2. Instant Coffee Is Not As Potent As Brewed Coffee.

Unlike brewed coffee, instant coffee doesn’t have as strong of a flavor or aftertaste. Besides, its taste is different from that of regular coffee.

You may feel disappointed if you try to brew this beverage in a machine. That’s because it lacks the robust flavor of a well-brewed cup of joe.

As a result, you must prepare other kinds of coffee with conventional brewing techniques if you want a robust cup.

#3. Some Instant Coffee Brands May Be Too Bitter.

Since the flavor of instant coffee is relatively harsh, some people may want to add sweetener when brewing it in a coffee maker.

The problem is that some machines can’t consistently melt and distribute sweeteners or sugar.

Moreover, these sweeteners may stick to specific components of your machine, which causes a blocked operation and build-up.

#4. Brewing Instant Coffee In A Coffee Machine Requires More Time.

You have to brew your instant coffee before enjoying it. If you use a coffee machine, you must wait until the beverage becomes a consistent, flowing liquid.

The brewing procedure will be longer than expected. Also, the water may get tepid when your cup is ready to enjoy.

Differences Between Instant Coffee And Regular Coffee

While you can drink instant coffee after adding boiling water to your cup, regular coffee takes a few minutes to brew before enjoying it.

Moreover, this beverage can’t taste as impressive as freshly made regular coffee, even when you use prime types.

Nevertheless, instant coffee contains less caffeine than regular coffee but still has the same amount of healthy antioxidants.

Those with sophisticated palates for this drink can immediately recognize the differences between this beverage and regular coffee regarding flavor.

That’s mainly because freshly brewed coffee can preserve all chemical elements and essential oils, which creates a richer flavor.

What Are The Two Types Of Instant Coffee?

The two main varieties of instant coffee include powdered and crystalline instant coffee.

The flavor and consistency of your cup will vary depending on the type you choose.

While their design differs, you only need to add hot water or milk to enjoy them.

Powdered Instant Coffee

The manufacturers use the spray-drying technique to produce this variety. With high heat, the little but microscopic grains quickly dry out to become coffee powder.

This type is sugary and creamy enough, so you don’t need to add sweetener. However, you can still use powdered creamer for a more creamy consistency.

Crystalline Instant Coffee

The technique used to manufacture this type is freeze-drying. The manufacturers remove the liquid from the bean concentration.

After that, crystals develop due to the liquid being drained out of the concentration and solidifying.

This variety has a bitter aftertaste. Thus, if you don’t drink black, you should add sweetener.

What Are The Best Ways To Make Instant Coffee?

Can you use instant coffee in a filter coffee machine? The answer is always no. What are the best alternatives to make this drink? Let’s consider these options!

French Press

  1. Prepare a French press coffee maker and hot water.
  2. Add boiling water and instant coffee to a bowl. Ensure the blend isn’t too thick or too thin.
  3. Pour this blend into your machine. Cover the lid.
  4. Drop the lid of the device. Drip your coffee off. You may have to stir your cup consistently if necessary.

Cold Brew Method

  1. Prepare a big jar, your coffee, and water.
  2. Put the jar in the fridge overnight.
  3. You will have a cold brew the following day.

Use Boiling Water From Your Coffee Machine

  1. Turn on your coffee maker and boil the water.
  2. After the water boils, add your coffee.
  3. Enjoy your cup!

Use An Instant Coffee Machine

Investing in an instant coffee maker is best if you are really into instant coffee but don’t prefer the above methods.

You only need to follow the instructions to brew your cup. It’s easy to use and convenient!


Can You Brew Instant Coffee Like Regular Coffee?

The short answer is no! This variety is dried extract, which readily dissolves in water to brew a cup.

How Much Water Do You Put In Instant Coffee?

The ratio should be 1 to 2 teaspoons of powder/granules or one pack per 8 ounces of water for most types of this drink.

Is Instant Coffee As Strong As Regular Coffee?

The answer is no. The caffeine content in this coffee is lower than regular coffee, which means it isn’t robust.

What Does Instant Coffee Taste Like?

Most varieties taste sour or overwhelmingly bitter with a chalky consistency.

What Temperature Is Best For Instant Coffee?

The optimal temperature for brewing this drink is 190 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wrapping Up

Can you put instant coffee in a coffee maker? No! You shouldn’t use this machine to brew this beverage because it takes time and tastes sour.

Instead, using boiling water to make your cup is a good idea. If you want, you can add sweeteners or sugar to reduce a bitter note.

We’ve recommended some brewing methods. Which one do you like? Comment below to let us know. Thank you for reading!

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