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Where To Put Coffee Maker In Kitchen? 10 Creative Ideas You Must Try

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By Daniel Bruce

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Where To Put Coffee Maker In Kitchen

As a coffee lover, you may find lifting your spirit and starting your new day challenging without a coffee cup.

If you regularly drink coffee, investing in a coffee maker is better. This way, you can make the drink your way.

However, it would be best to consider many factors before purchasing, including a suitable place to arrange it.

Where to put a coffee maker in the kitchen? While there are various ideas, you will want your machine to be convenient and accessible.

Moreover, it should harmonize with other items in your kitchen while exuding its aesthetic beauty.

This article will show you the most creative recommendations. It’s time to scroll down to explore!

Where To Put Coffee Maker In Kitchen?

You can place your coffee maker on a countertop, a coffee serving tray, floating shelves, an appliance garage, a stackable rack, or in a rolling cart.

Your mornings will go faster, and treating guests will be much simpler if your kitchen has a well-organized coffee station.

Keep reading for tips and ideas on designing your coffee station in the kitchen!

#1. Place It On The Countertop

It may be the most typical location for a coffee machine. Even if there isn’t much space, it’s the most fantastic choice for regular coffee lovers.

Locate a countertop space that is not near your dishwasher, food preparation area, or sink. It will lessen the likelihood of messes and hazardous spills.

On countertop

#2. Utilize A Coffee Serving Tray

If you want to keep your coffee machine on the countertop but lack the space, think about utilizing a coffee serving tray.

This way, you’ll find it simple to keep your device in another space in your house and bring it into the kitchen whenever you want to make a cup.

Moreover, you can easily store your coffee tray in a cabinet when it is not in use. Otherwise, you can place it in any other area in your home.

Ensure your machine is completely cool before you touch the tray or move it to other places.

#3. Install Floating Shelves

Adding floating shelves is another excellent method of creating more countertop space. With this solution, you can keep your coffee machine on the shelf relatively far from your children’s reach, but you can simply get it.

Before adding floating shelves to your kitchen, you should consider some factors. You should ensure the shelves complement your kitchen’s décor as they are exterior design features.

They must be deep enough to accommodate your coffee machine and any additional equipment you install on the shelves.

Moreover, you must install these shelves properly by securely attaching them to the wall. Ensure they won’t fall while you brew your drink.

You should also avoid installing these floating shelves near the door or where people may bump into them.

#4. Get An Appliance Garage

Keeping your coffee machine or other small gadgets in an appliance garage is another terrific idea.

It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a practical and stylish solution to store your coffee machine but just have a little space in the kitchen.

This option looks like a cabinet structure in recessed places near or on the counter. It has enough space to hold your coffee machine or other kitchen appliances.

When it’s not in use, you can quickly close this garage. It resembles a part of the cabinet.

Get an appliance garage

#5. Add A Kitchen Appliance Lift

You can also consider installing a motorized appliance lift in the kitchen cabinet to store your coffee machine or small appliances.

It’s a fantastic choice if you intend to hide your coffee machine and other equipment while they aren’t in use.

It’s so convenient! Whenever you need to use your coffee maker, the lift immediately pops out by pushing a button.

When you finish brewing your drink, push this button, and the lift will return to your cabinet.

#6. Make A Cabinet Into Your Coffee Station

It’s relatively expensive to install an appliance lift or garage. If you want an affordable solution, using your cabinet is best.

You can utilize the existing cabinets in the kitchen. Ensure their dimensions can accommodate your machine and other devices.

Otherwise, invest in new ones if you can afford them. Before installing them, measure your kitchen’s space to ensure their size fits your requirements.

After installing your cabinets, it’s time to add hooks and shelves to create your lovely coffee station.

#7. Install A Kitchen Island

Adding kitchen islands is ideal for maximizing the space if you have a compact kitchen.

You can display your coffee machine on a kitchen island to create more space. Also, keep this device on the shelves underneath or drawers when not in use.

Installing rolling kitchen islands is advisable if your kitchen area is small. This way, you can easily move them out of this room for more space.

Rolling islands have locking mechanisms to make them safe and stable, so you don’t need to worry about safety issues.

Install kitchen islands

#8. Utilize A Rolling Cart

If you love the above idea, you may want rolling carts in your kitchen.

These carts are available in different sizes and shapes, so you can choose a suitable option for your kitchen area and coffee maker.

Several coffee lovers appreciate this solution because these carts can fit into compact gaps among kitchen appliances.

#9. Set Up The Coffee Station In A Breezeway Or Dining Room

Try placing your coffee machine in an underused area like the breezeway or dining room near the kitchen.

You could set up this space to resemble a tiny café or coffee bar. It’s a fantastic area to relax and enjoy drinks.

#10. Use A Stackable Rack

Do you want to increase vertical space to store appliances in your kitchen? It’s a good idea to use a stackable rack.

This option suits people who don’t want an affordable storage space without particular installation.

On some versions, you can stack the items in numerous layers at once, effectively building shelves for your kitchen.

Ensure that your machine fits appropriately. Depending on the model, you can put it on top or under the rack.

If you want more ideas, you can watch this video:

Use stackable rack

What To Consider Before Putting A Coffee Maker In The Kitchen?

Before you decide to put your coffee maker in any place in your kitchen, keep the following things in mind:

#1. Coffee Maker Design

Choose a coffee machine with a slim and compact design when shopping for one. It’s simpler to store the appliance and maximize the counter space.

You can consider options like one-cup machines, small espresso coffee makers, or one-use Keurig devices. They won’t take up much space in the kitchen.

The machine design

#2. Electric Outlet

If you use a conventional coffee machine, place it near a power outlet to conveniently plug it in.

However, you can dismiss this advice if it’s not an electric coffee maker.

Moreover, ensure that the plug is functional and that the coffee maker’s cable extends to the power socket.

#3. Room For The Coffee Supplies

It’s wasteful if you only use space in your kitchen to store your coffee maker.

It would be best to consider keeping some coffee supplies in this area, such as coffee mugs or containers of coffee grounds, beans, and creamer.

However, having a too-large space for these things is not a good idea. Remember to save area for other appliances.

As a result, arrange all the items you intend to use before selecting the shelf’s dimensions based on their quantity.

Room for other supplies

#4. Overall Design Of The Kitchen

You can consider matching the position where you place your coffee maker and other supplies with your overall kitchen’s design.

For instance, if the leading tone of your kitchen is black and red, never place a green appliance in the middle.

As a result, carefully consider your kitchen’s theme colors, texture, architecture, and ambiance.

#5. Any Free Space On The Wall

If you discover a vertical space in the kitchen, find ways to use it. For example, it’s a good idea to mount shelves in this area to store your coffee supplies.

#6. Wet Areas

When using your coffee machine, you have to deal with electricity. Therefore, avoid putting it in a wet area as it may cause accidents.

Moreover, ensure it is distant from the sink or any other area where you may typically use liquids.

The most important thing to remember is to keep it out of your children’s reach to prevent electricity hazards.

Wet areas

How To Arrange Other Kitchen Appliances With Your Coffee Maker?

Arranging appliances is the easiest way to maximize the kitchen’s space efficiently.

#1. Where To Store Food

It’s the food storage region. Typically, it’s the place where you place your fridges and freezers. You can store your non-chilled and chilled food items here.

#2. Where To Prepare Food

You can put your coffee maker and other supplies in this position because the power outlets are available.

Furthermore, ensure this area isn’t wet because you place your appliances here.

#3. Where To Place Pans And Pots

It’s where to arrange bulk kitchen appliances and items, like large pans and pots. It should be near the preparation region.

It’s acceptable to place your coffee machine in this area. However, it’s best to put it in the preparation region.

#4. Where To Clean And Place The Waste

This zone should include sinks and trash bins. It’s not a suitable area to put your machine because it’s easy to get wet.

Moreover, this place often doesn’t have available power outlets. So it isn’t an ideal space for a coffee station.

#5. Where To Put Tableware

It’s where you store plates, forks, spoons, or other tableware. You can place your appliance in this zone since it is near coffee mugs.

Ideas to arrange kitchen appliances


Where Is The Best Location For A Coffee Machine?

The best location for a coffee machine should have available power outlets and stay far away from sinks and water.

Can You Put A Coffee Machine In A Cupboard?

The short answer is no. The coffee maker may cause heated steam, which destroys your furniture.

Typically, the warm liquid that emerges from the steam vapor into mist and settles on the wooden cupboard.

Does A Coffee Station Need To Be In The Kitchen?

The answer is No! It’s not compulsory to have a coffee station in the kitchen.

Most people place their machines in the kitchen because of available water sources and power outlets.

However, if you discover a lovely area in your house, you can use this space to display your appliance.

What Is The Best Height For A Coffee Station?

The ideal height of a coffee station is 36 to 42 inches. Meanwhile, The most typical height for individuals of ordinary height is 36 inches.

Moreover, the suggested coffee station height for people in wheelchairs is 33 – 34 inches.

Wrapping Up

Where to put a coffee maker in the kitchen? You can place it on a countertop, a coffee serving tray, floating shelves, an appliance garage/lift/island, and a stackable rack. Otherwise, storing it in a rolling cart is a good idea.

There are many options to place your appliance. However, whatever the design, always ensure your device is near power outlets and far from wet areas.

If you have other ideas, please share them with us below. Thank you for reading!

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