Why Are Lattes So Expensive? 3 Main Reasons You Should Know

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If you are a coffee lover, a latte, also called a café latte, is among the first options that come to mind.

Robust thick espresso combines creamy thick milk to make all coffee enthusiasts’ mouths water.

However, if you haven’t tried this drink, you may ask yourself: Why are lattes so expensive?

Why are many people willing to pay a higher price to get a coffee with milk foam? Let’s read this article to know the actual cost of this drink!

What Are Lattes?

A latte or cafe latte is a traditional coffee with only two simple ingredients: steamed milk and espresso.

This coffee got its name from an Italian word – caffè e latte (cafe latte/coffee latte), which means “coffee and milk.

A latte’s classic ingredients are espresso (1/3), steamed milk (2/3), and a thin, surface-applied coating of microfoam.

With this ratio, baristas can modify the size of a latte cup if the customers want. However, the conventional cup size of this beverage is between 10 and 12 ounces.

Why do people love this drink? Lattes are relatively customizable, which is one of their best qualities.

You may see different variations since people can decorate this beverage with flavoring, like mocha, caramel, vanilla, or syrups.

Besides, you can use other ingredients, such as matcha, masala chai, and rooibos instead of coffee to brew a cup.

This beverage is an excellent espresso coffee variation for people who don’t prefer something too robust, which is the reason it’s popular.

Although lattes contain espresso with relatively high caffeine content, the presence of milk will lessen this amount in your cup.

What Is A Latte Vs. Regular Coffee?

Many factors affect the characteristics of latte and regular coffee, which makes the two different.

Below are significant differences between these beverages you want to know.

Brewing Process

The brewing process is the most significant difference in distinguishing latte and regular coffee.

The method and process of creating a latte are different from making a cup of regular coffee.

As mentioned above, the ingredients of a latte are steamed milk, foam milk, and espresso.

The precise grind and the correct pressure are essential to extracting the ideal espresso shot.

Fortunately, you can add steamed milk to cover any mistakes in this technique.

Moreover, an actual cup of latte does not call for sugar. However, this ingredient is still present in the milk added.


Because there is more milk than espresso in a latte, it has a milder, milkier flavor.

You can add syrup to a latte. A latte’s frothy top further enhances the taste, making the whole beverage even creamier.

On the other hand, the regular coffee taste may vary, depending on the beans and the brewing method.

Generally, a cup of coffee is relatively bitter. You can make it milder with citrus or floral notes.

Caffeine Content

How much espresso you use for a latte affects the caffeine content in your cup.

As stated earlier, a latte cup has espresso (1/3), steamed milk (2/3), and foam, meaning the caffeine content is about 130 mg.

However, a cup of regular coffee typically contains 95 mg of caffeine. That said, other cup sizes have different ratings.

Beverage Versatility

Lattes are relatively versatile. You can drink this beverage iced or hot, with tea or espresso, coffee, or a flavored latte. Also, you can use any type of milk you like.

On the other hand, you can enjoy a cup of regular coffee in many ways. You will get different tastes with various grind sizes, roast darkness, or brewing methods.

You can consider adding ingredients to your cup, like milk, cream, or sugar.

Why Are Lattes So Expensive?

Generally, lattes are more expensive than many types of coffee due to the cost of beans, milk, and labor.

Let’s keep reading to know the detailed explanation!

The Cost Of The Coffee Beans

The most crucial and expensive component of every latte is coffee beans. Their price will vary depending on global demand and weather conditions.

For instance, the price of Brazilian coffee beans is relatively high on the market. That’s because the weather in this country is harsh, which yields fewer beans.

Moreover, China is now the market with the quickest rate of growth. Thus, the cost of beans will increase if there is an unexpected spike in this country.

The Cost Of The Added Milk

Besides coffee beans, the price of added milk is another factor affecting the value of your latte cup.

Due to rising consumption from developing nations and shifting global trading patterns, milk prices have increased recently.

The Cost Of The Labor

Making a latte cup requires more than just milk and coffee beans. Human labor is also essential.

The farmers need to harvest the beans, and the baristas make your latte cup.

As you can see, many people get involved in creating this beverage. These workers must receive payment for their effort and time.

Because wages have risen recently, enterprises must boost their pricing to cover their rising labor expenses.

Why Are Iced Lattes More Expensive Than Regular Ones?

Iced lattes have gained popularity as a beverage option among consumers all around the world throughout time.

It’s a great choice if you’re seeking something to do to relax throughout the summer.

Nevertheless, the price of these drinks may be higher than standard types. Below are some reasons:

The Brewing Process

Baristas use the cold brewing process to make iced lattes. The cost of this method is much higher since it needs more money and time to create a cup.

Moreover, making iced coffee requires more water than brewing hot coffee.

Storage & Distribution

Due to the expense of delivery and cold storage, an iced latte is generally more costly than a regular drink.

Adding Sweeteners

Iced lattes, produced by sweetening coffee with sugar, are among the most well-liked coffee beverages.

Sweeteners are pricey, which is one of the reasons why iced beverages cost more than regular brew.

Are Lattes Healthier Than Coffee?

Lattes have more calories than ordinary brewed coffee, but if you drink them in moderation, they will still be healthy.

This drink provides vital minerals and vitamins due to the added milk in the preparation.

Lattes also include caffeine, which can aid increase alertness and focus while also boosting energy.

Moderation is crucial to reap the most outstanding health advantages like any other beverage.

If you drink too many lattes, it might be unhealthy for you. While occasionally drinking a latte won’t affect your health, too much espresso can cause sleeplessness, anxiety, or irritability.

Due to the added milk and cream, lattes often contain more sugar and calories than ordinary brewed coffee.

It’s advisable to consume fewer lattes and choose a more nutritious coffee, like black coffee.


Is Latte More Expensive Than Flat White?

The answer is no! Flat white is more costly than lattes due to the brewing technique and process.

Why Are Iced Lattes More Expensive?

This drink takes more time to brew and requires extra equipment, such as paper straws and plastic cups.

Moreover, it will be more expensive to distribute and store ice. An iced latte needs more water than a regular cup.

Why Do Lattes Taste Better Than Coffee?

Lattes are often smooth and creamy since they are prepared with milk, which makes them more pleasant to drink.

Why Is Latte So High In Calories?

Due to high-fat milk and additional syrups, lattes have a high-calorie content.

Is It Okay To Drink Latte Every Day?

Yes! You won’t encounter any issues if you drink this beverage in moderation. However, too much consumption will harm due to sugar content and caffeine.

Is A Latte Just Coffee And Milk?

The short answer is yes! The main ingredients of this beverage include milk (steamed or foamed) and espresso.

The Bottom Line

Why are lattes so expensive? The cost of the coffee beans, milk, and labor are the main factors affecting the price of this beverage.

While this drink is creamy and mouthwatering, it’s advisable to have moderate consumption to avoid unwanted health issues.

Hopefully, you will find our post helpful!

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