Can You Put Chocolate Milk In Coffee? The Exact Answer Is Here!

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A cup of hot coffee in the morning will boost your energy and help you concentrate for the rest of the day. It will taste even better when combined with sugar, milk, and some ice cubes.

So, what if you need more ingredients in the pantry, except chocolate milk? Can you put chocolate milk in coffee? I will discuss this question and help you decide where they are an excellent combination.

Now let’s jump straight into the answer to avoid wasting your time!

Can You Put Chocolate Milk In Coffee?

The answer is yes. You can add chocolate milk to coffee, creating a delicious beverage known as “mocha.” This beverage is tasty, healthy, and popular in many coffee shops.

Many worry that chocolate milk’s ingredients are not compatible with caffeine, creating an unhealthy combination. Also, they wonder if the chocolatey flavor and milky taste will ruin the coffee flavor.

However, it should not be a problem since most chocolate and flavored milk products are completely safe when blended with coffee grounds. Though the bitterness of coffee reduces, it will taste even better nevertheless.

In fact, the tradition of mixing milk with coffee has been around for a very long time. It creates a delicious beverage called Mocha, a favorite drink for many people globally.

In the following section, I will walk you through a brief history of this filling beverage.

A Brief History Of Caffe Mocha

The drink that involves coffee and milk originated in Yemen in the port city of Mocha, hence giving it the famous name. This location is also a popular marketplace for coffee sellers between the 15th and 18th centuries.

Following the importation of Mocha beans to European countries, they soon became a popular drink with their filling taste and aroma.

The subtle chocolatey flavor also helps Yemeni coffee become the most favorite type in Europe. However, the origin of the American mocha versions is more related to Italy (mochaccino).

The Italian mocha version (mochaccino) involves coffee added to heated chocolate milk, giving it a thick and creamy texture. Meanwhile, the American versions involve additional ingredients like whipped cream and chocolate.

Is Iced Coffee With Milk Good For Your Health?

Though iced coffee blended with chocolate milk is delicious and nutritious, you should not consume it too much. The mean reason is that this drink’s high caffeine and sugar content can affect your health.

If possible, you should choose unsweetened chocolate milk and brew coffee to reduce your sugar intake. It won’t also affect ground coffee’s aroma and natural flavors much.

Though adding toppings can bring more depth and richness to the flavors, you should use them in moderate quantities. A cup of Starbucks mocha contains around 500 calories, which is not beneficial if you want to lose weight.

Meanwhile, reducing-fat chocolate milk and unsweetened cold brew coffee can bring this number to 35.

It is Safe Under Controlled Consumption
It is Safe Under Controlled Consumption

A Few Things To Note When Mixing Chocolate Milk With Coffee

Making Mocha simply adds a cup of brewed coffee to hot chocolate milk. You can adjust the proportion of coffee and milk depending on your personal taste and preference.

If you prefer iced coffee, reverse the process by adding cold chocolate milk to cold brew coffee. Then, add some ice cubes and corn syrup to finish your drink.

My favorite ratio is one cup of chocolate milk to one cup of coffee, which perfectly balances the taste and creates a mix of bitter and sweet flavors.

You can also use additional toppings like cocoa powder or corn syrup to enhance the flavors. A shot of espresso will enhance the stimulating effect of the drink, while whipped cream gives it a hint of sweetness and creaminess.

However, you should note the calories and nutrient content of the drink will increase when you use more toppings. Meanwhile, ground coffee should be the finest option for people aiming to lose weight.

The Ingredient Ratio Can Be Flexible
The Ingredient Ratio Can Be Flexible

How To Make Chocolate Milk Coffee In The Most Simple Way?

A glass of milk coffee in the morning will brighten your mood and add so much joy to your day. So, prepare a filling chocolate coffee drink and pair it with your convenient breakfast before work.

The good news is that this recipe is nearly effortless to follow and takes less than five minutes to prepare. Here is the list of ingredients and instructions you need.

What Ingredients Do I Need?

This recipe calls for only two ingredients, including cold brew coffee and chocolate milk. More sugar and milk if you prefer a sweet and rich undertone in your coffee drink.

Meanwhile, the low-quality brew coffee products will ruin the drink flavors since it set the theme for this recipe. Ensure that you choose a premium ground coffee product from reliable providers.

People following a keto diet can go for unsweetened chocolate milk. However, it means that your coffee will taste bitter and less rich. If possible, add a little sugar to soothe its bitterness and you’re good to go.

You Only Need Two Ingredients For This Drink
You Only Need Two Ingredients For This Drink

Steps To Make Chocolate Milk Coffee

The first step is filling a tall cup or jar with one cup of ice cubes. Then, pour in your freshly brewed coffee and chocolate milk. The portion of chocolate milk can be flexible, depending on its flavors and your preference.

Use a spoon to stir and combine everything together. When your coffee is blended, sprinkle on top a little chocolate powder. You can also serve it straight, which tastes delicious with a fabulous scent.

However, using ice cubes can hurt your throat and make your body susceptible to colds in the winter. You can substitute it with cold water, but ensure that the coffee can blend fully.

Making Chocolate Coffee Is A Piece Of Cake
Making Chocolate Coffee Is A Piece Of Cake


The sections below will solve all your unanswered questions about the chocolate milk and coffee combination. Check them out to learn more!

What Is Coffee With Chocolate Milk Called?

The combination of coffee and chocolate milk is typical “mocha,” which refers to a type of drink that involves espresso and hot milk. It features a sweet and rich taste since hot milk helps balance out the bitterness of coffee.

Why Does Chocolate Milk Taste Like Coffee?

Since chocolate milk contains cocoa powder, it brings a bitter flavor that tastes similar to coffee. However, the bitterness of the drink depends on the portions of cocoa powder in its components.

Meanwhile, a chocolate milk product features a mildly bitter taste and a filling sweetness if it involves more sugar syrup and milk.

Is It Okay To Mix Chocolate And Coffee?

It is absolutely fine to combine chocolate and coffee in the drink, which enhances the cocoa aroma and soothes the bitterness of coffee. The extra chocolatey undertone will also make your drink more filling.

You can combine around one or one-half tablespoons of cocoa powder with ground coffee. Feels free to adjust the ratio (more cocoa powder if you prefer).

Can You Put Flavored Milk In Coffee?

Yes, I have experimented with my drinks and found out that flavored milk works excellently with ground coffee. It will add a chocolatey flavor and mild sweetness to your coffee while reducing its bitterness.

Why Do Athletes Eat Chocolate Milk?

Drinking low-fat chocolate milk products enhances the muscle healing process and replenishes your body with essential nutrients and energy. Therefore, athletes love drinking low-fat milk after arduous training sessions.

Final Thoughts

In summary, chocolate milk is an excellent addition to coffee with its creaminess and chocolatey flavor. Your coffee will get more filling and delicious with a little touch of chocolate milk.

Imagine going to popular coffee chains and ordering a filling cup of espresso. It is how your chocolate milk coffee will taste.

Though you can flexibly adjust the portion, the amount of chocolate milk should be much smaller than coffee.

Which is your favorite coffee style? Which type of toppings will you add to your coffee? Feel free to comment and let me know. Thank you for reading!

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