Does Coffee Stain Clothes Permanently? How To Remove It?

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Coffee is a well-liked beverage famous for improving focus and boosting energy. In fact, many people want a cup of joe to start a hectic day.

This drink also brings various health benefits besides its stimulating effects, making it more popular and appealing.

However, if you regularly drink coffee, you may have spilled it at least once on your clothes or other items.

Unfortunately, coffee may leave an unsightly stain, particularly on lighter textiles. So, you may wonder: Does coffee stain clothes permanently?

Coffee stains on garments may be excruciatingly hard to remove, but it’s possible if you know the appropriate methods and strategies.

It’s best to dive into this article to get tips. Let’s scroll down to learn more!

Does Coffee Stain Clothes Permanently?

The good news is No! While coffee contains one of the natural dyes called tannin, coffee stains may not always be permanent.

However, removing them is relatively challenging if you leave them for too long.

Does coffee stain dark clothes? The short answer is yes. That’s because tannin and other pigments like caramels and melanoidins in this beverage may cause dark blots on your garments.

Getting rid of fresh coffee spatters is relatively easy by flushing water through the fabric. That said, it will be a big mistake if you don’t treat them properly.

Additionally, the level of stain resistance also depends on the fabric type.

For instance, white denim is one of the most challenging textiles to remove such blemishes. These fabrics have a matte texture that makes stains easy to set in.

On the other hand, the traditional denim colors of black and blue ease the effort of washing by making fading stains acceptable.

Besides, the worst textiles to spill coffee on include cotton or linen, a higher thread count and a matte finish.

Velvet and leather are simple to clean. If you accidentally spill coffee on them, you can make these blots come out through a couple of wash cycles.

How Do You Get Coffee Stains Out Of Clothes?

It’s much easier to deal with fresh stains than dried ones. Therefore, it’s essential to treat them right away as soon as possible.

Before you toss your clothes in the washing machine or throw them away, it’s better to try the following straightforward treatments first.

#1. Run Under Cold Water

Dealing with new coffee spots is the first task on the list. Coffee stains on clothing are relatively simple to get rid of while wet.

Because the coffee granules haven’t yet integrated themselves into the material, that’s the case.

To remove fresh blots, you only need to run the stained areas under cold water. Avoid scrubbing because it makes the stain appear more on the fabric.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that removing coffee spills from clothing is simpler if you proceed immediately.

If the stain is dried or darker, consider utilizing one of the following remedies on our list if you find it difficult to remove it immediately.

#2. Soak In Powdered Laundry Detergent

The second way to remove coffee stains from garments is to immerse them in a washing detergent solution.

You should try washing the things as you usually do if the initial method for removing new coffee stains doesn’t work or the blots have already dried.

Nevertheless, before putting those coffee-stained garments in the machine, immerse them in a laundry detergent powder and water solution.

#3. Brush With Powdered Laundry Detergent

If immersing with water and powdered washing detergent solution is unsuccessful, another alternative is to brush the stains out.

Try this technique if you worry that soaking won’t remove all coffee blots from clothing.

To create a paste, combine water and detergent powder. Use a toothbrush to scrub the coffee spill after applying the paste solution.

It would be best to use an old toothbrush to perform this task. That’s because a brand-new toothbrush comes with harsh and abrasive bristles. If you use this type vigorously, you will cause harm to your fabrics.

Make sure the paste solution doesn’t stain your material. Test it first on a discrete area to determine whether color fading results.

Brush off the coffee stain and thoroughly rinse the garment. If you are about to do laundry, you can throw this stained clothing in your washing machine with others.

#4. Use Liquid Laundry Detergent

Using liquid detergent to treat coffee stains on clothes is a good idea. You can select the liquid counterpart if you don’t prefer powdered detergent. It depends on your preference!

You only need to pour liquid detergent drops and cold water on the stains. Next, massage the affected areas.

Give enough time for your garments to rest for around five minutes after massaging with a liquid detergent-water solution if it’s a new stain.

You can let the blot sit out longer, but avoid allowing them to dry. If the splatter is old, it’s advisable to soak it in cold water for around 30 minutes before applying liquid laundry detergent.

In all circumstances, gently massage the affected area using your thumb five minutes after applying the liquid laundry detergent to erase the stain.

If the mark does not go away, soak the material in lukewarm water for 5 – 15 minutes. Next, thoroughly rinse or put it in your washer with other regular clothing.

#5. Use Stain Remover Gel

You may find a gel stain remover at any local grocery store to get coffee stains out of clothing.

You only need to follow the instructions on the packaging. The process may include applying the gel to the affected area and leaving it here for five minutes. After that, wash and rinse your clothes thoroughly.

Gels for removing stains possibly cost more than washing detergent. They will be able to complete the work swiftly, nevertheless.

No matter the kind of fabric, stain removal gel enters the threads of the clothes, which is among its most significant benefits.

Consequently, applying a coating to both sides of the dirty mark is easy, ensuring complete removal.

#6. Use Bleach

No matter the type of bleach—chlorine or oxygen—not all materials are compatible.

Check the package to determine if bleach is suitable for that type of material before using it to get coffee stains out of your garments.

It would be best if you did not use bleach on some materials, such as wool, silk, mohair, leather, or spandex.

Mix chlorine bleach (¼ cup) with water (1 gallon). After that, immerse the garments for around five minutes before thoroughly rinsing and throwing them into the washer.

#7. Use Vinegar

A typical household substance called vinegar is effective at removing stains. Dry coffee stains respond well to this technique.

Combine white vinegar (1 tablespoon) with liquid detergent (1/2 teaspoon) and lukewarm water (1 quart).

After immersing the cloth in this mixture for roughly 15 minutes, the coffee marks will soften and become simpler to eliminate.

Rinse the clothing after soaking, then let it air dry. Inspect for any remaining stains once the clothes have finished drying thoroughly.

Repeat the method if you see any remaining coffee stains.

What Are Other Household Items To Remove Coffee Stains Out Of Clothes?

Besides vinegar and bleach, you can consider the following household items to eliminate coffee stains on your garments:

#1. Toothpaste

The exfoliating effect of toothpaste may aid in stain removal. Use an old brush to clean the stain gently, then rinse.

Also, remember that white toothpaste is the only kind you should use.

#2. Baby Powder

Like baking soda, baby powder contains essential properties that help remove dark spots, including coffee stains.

Just sprinkle some baby powder on the spot, give it some minutes, and then use a clean, damp towel to wipe it away.

Rinse after carrying out the procedure once again to ensure there aren’t any remaining stains.

#3. Shaving Cream

Another effective stain-removing treatment is shaving cream. It includes a combination of cleaning agents and surfactants, two of the soap’s active ingredients.

You only need to apply this product to the affected area, rub it with your thumb, and leave it dry for minutes. If you still notice some marks, rinse your clothes and repeat the steps.

#4. Natural Soap

Additionally, you can use soaps to get stains out of clothes. They do, after all, share characteristics with laundry detergent.

Furthermore, using soap to remove stains is easy. Gently scrub the stained area using wet soap. After that, let it dry for around one hour before thoroughly rinsing your garments.

#5. Alcohol

You can use alcohol to eliminate coffee stains. However, alcohol by itself will not solve the problem. Instead, you must add an enzyme presoak solution.

#6. Salt

You can prevent the stains from setting quickly and too much by pouring salt on the affected area immediately after the spill.

Pour enough salt to cover the discoloration completely. The reverse outcome will occur if you salt items excessively.

#7. Egg Yolk

Although it can seem like a strange alternative, many people have tested it. You only need to rub the egg yolk on the affected area with a terry towel.

Before giving it a good rinse with water, let it rest for approximately a minute.

If you want more tricks, you can watch this video:

Egg yolk
Egg yolk


Do Coffee Stains Go Away On Clothes?

The good news is yes. You can remove coffee stains on your clothes using suitable products and techniques.

Will A Coffee Stain Come Out In Wash?

If it’s a fresh coffee stain, it can come out by flushing water through the blots.

Does Cold Water Remove Coffee Stains?

The answer is yes! Flushing the new stains with cold water can eliminate them.

How Long Does It Take Coffee To Stain Clothes?

Stains appear a few minutes after accidentally spilling coffee on your clothes.

Does Hot Water Set Coffee Stains?

Yes! The heat from hot water can speed up the staining process.

Does Salt Remove Coffee Stains?

The answer is Yes! However, the removal process will take time.

Wrapping Up

Does coffee stain clothes permanently? If you apply proper cleaning methods and removal products, you can make these spots come out.

For instance, you can run the stained garments under cold water and use laundry detergents and household items like salt, alcohol, or vinegar.

If you know other ways to deal with these dirty marks on clothing items, please share them with other readers in the comment below.

Thank you for reading!

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