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When Is It Too Late To Drink Coffee? Different Factors To Consider

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By Stacy Sanders

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When Is It Too Late To Drink Coffee

Many people find it hard to start their new days without coffee. It keeps them alert and focused as well as is a great way to boost energy.

However, it’s easy to control the caffeine intake you should have due to the rise of cafes and specialty brews.

The question here is: When is it too late to drink coffee? It’s a controversial debate among coffee lovers.

If you want to know the explanation, it’s time to refer to this article! It will discuss the best and worst times to enjoy this drink. Let’s get started!

When Is It Too Late To Drink Coffee?

This question has no fixed answer because people have different sleep and biological patterns. Generally, health experts recommend not drinking coffee for six hours or more before sleeping.

Some people may enjoy a cup late in the day without experiencing any side effects on their sleep. Yet, some may struggle to fall asleep even if they only sip in the early morning.

How Late Is Too Late To Have Coffee?

Below are some general guidelines that help you determine when drinking coffee is too late.

Your Sensitivity To Caffeine

Genetics, age, weight, and tolerance influence your sensitivity to caffeine. Some people metabolize caffeine faster than others and may not feel its long-term effects.

However, some consumers are more sensitive to this substance. Hence, even a tiny amount can disrupt their sleep.

The Half-Life Of Caffeine

Caffeine acts as a stimulant. Its effects may last for many hours. Its half-life is around five to six hours.

It means half of the caffeine you drink is still in your system after that time. For example, if you have a coffee cup with 100 (mg) of caffeine at 2 pm, 50 (mg) of caffeine may still be in your body at around 8 pm.

Your Sleep Patterns

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, drinking coffee late in the day may worsen your condition.

Even when you try to fall asleep, you will find it challenging since caffeine may reduce your deep sleep.

The best method to determine how caffeine affects you is to try and observe your body’s reaction when drinking coffee at different moments during the day.

Benefits And Risks Of Drinking Coffee Late

Everything has two sides, and drinking coffee late is not exceptional. Here are some advantages and risks of this practice you should know.

#1. Benefits

Late-night caffeine consumption has many incredible advantages. It can assist you in remaining conscious and attentive when you want to be.

If you must do a project at night, this drink can provide enough energy and focus on completing your task efficiently.

#2. Potential Risks

Drinking coffee late may cause specific adverse effects. For instance, it will disrupt your habitual sleep pattern.

A study shows that consuming coffee six hours before sleeping may reduce the quality and duration of your sleep.

Moreover, avoid caffeinated drinks at night if you have difficulty sleeping.

Coffee may also cause some extra adverse effects. For instance, it may cause dehydration, resulting in fatigue and headaches.

It’s critical to give up drinking coffee or reduce your consumption if you experience one of these adverse effects.

The Best Time To Drink Coffee

Dietitians and nutritionists advise drinking coffee two to three hours after waking up.

Otherwise, you may suffer from hyper-alertness and jitters due to too much cortisol which makes you exhausted some hours later.

For this reason, it’s best to let your body get ready a few hours before drinking coffee to reduce unwanted problems.

The best time for coffee

The Worse Time To Drink Coffee

While some people’s systems can handle caffeine in the early morning, many may react negatively when hungry.

Cortisol – the stress hormone will increase if you consume coffee first thing in the morning.

Furthermore, it may generate adrenaline, making you exhausted later and gradually slowing your metabolism.

Generally, there is no early time for a cup of coffee. However, you must ensure your body has some protein to stabilize your stress hormones and blood sugar.

How Does Coffee Affect Your Sleep?

People find that drinking coffee late makes it harder to go to sleep. However, the speed of caffeine metabolization is different due to genetic differences.

For example, if you metabolize caffeine quickly, you may find having a cup late easier and still fall asleep quickly.

However, caffeine may block your brain’s adenosine receptor – a substance that makes you sleepy.

Moreover, it may cause norepinephrine and dopamine to release more, which makes you alert.

Late-night caffeine consumption can exacerbate sleep problems like insomnia. Therefore, avoiding coffee entirely or reducing the intake if you’re experiencing difficulty falling asleep is advisable.

The effects

What Happens If You Drink Coffee Too Late?

If you drink this beverage too late, you may get into trouble since it conflicts with your body’s melatonin production.

This element is crucial because melatonin is essential in maintaining your circadian cycle.

Late-night coffee consumption can disrupt your sleep pattern, making it challenging to fall asleep.

You will find it hard to get up early the following day if you lack sound slumber the previous night.

Additionally, your body may want to compensate for this lack. Hence, you will want to sleep during the day.

Caffeine is among the diuretic substances. Hence, even if you can fall asleep, you may wake up more frequently to use the restroom.

As a result, your slumber is fitful, making the following morning more stressful.

Side effects

How Can You Get The Most Out Of Your Coffee Without Ruining Your Sleep?

While coffee may interfere with your slumber, it’s unnecessary to eliminate it from your diet.

This drink can bring many health benefits, including waking up and boosting energy in the early morning.

However, it would be best if you handled the consumption to ensure you won’t experience the side effects.

Establish A Time Limit

Establish a limit for consuming coffee or other stimulant drinks around six hours or more before bedtime.

It’s worth noting that drinking coffee six hours before sleeping may affect your sleep patterns and quality.

As a result, it is best to allow yourself some extra time because caffeine may require some time to dissolve.

Limit Your Coffee Consumption

The recommended daily intake of coffee is four cups, according to experts. Adults should not drink more than 400 (mg) of caffeine daily.

Never drink more than this recommended amount, as it causes problems like anxiety and irritability.

Reduce Caffeine During The Day

You should reduce the number of times you drink coffee throughout the day and switch to decaf.

Tips for having the most of coffee

How Do You Sleep After Having Coffee?


This method can calm your mind and help you quickly fall asleep. If you regularly meditate, spend 20 – 30 minutes aligning your chakras.


You can relax after having a brew too late by curling in the blanket and reading your favorite book.

You may feel sleepy when you move your eyes on the paper. Moreover, this method can lessen the stress level by approximately 70%.

Going For A Walk

If your neighborhood is safe, walking is a good idea. This activity may help the human mind and body relax.

Turning On Airplane Mode On Your Phone

Constant beeps with alerts and messages on your smartphone can disrupt your sleep.

Therefore, turning the “air mode” on your phone is advisable to turn off buzzers, alerts, and beeps until the following day.

Lowering Your Bedroom’s Temperature

Although this advice doesn’t directly deal with caffeine, it’s an excellent method to fall slumber more quickly.

Your body typically cools off at night, so you’ll slumber easier if the temperature ranges from 60 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Activating A White Noise Application

You can use free white noise applications to relax on your computer or smartphone.

They frequently include fan, water, rain, and wind disturbances that drown out different sounds and distract you from your thoughts.

Like the other techniques mentioned above, utilizing white noise may accelerate your ability to nod off.

Tips for sleeping after having coffee

Wrapping Up

There is no specific time when it’s too late to have coffee. It depends on your caffeine tolerance levels and the way your body reacts. However, you shouldn’t drink for six hours or more before sleeping.

If unsure, you can sip at different moments throughout the day and observe your body’s responses.

Thus, go ahead and enjoy your favorite brew. But listen to your body and stop drinking it if it interferes with your sleep.

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