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The DeLonghi Moka Pot: EMK6 Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

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By Daniel Bruce

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The Iconic Electric Moka Pot: The DeLonghi Moka Pot Electric Espresso Coffee Maker

he DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

Experience the Tradition with a Modern Twist

The moka pot is a staple of Italian coffee culture: we dare you to find an Italian household that doesn’t own at least one of these classic coffee makers. Suppose you’re interested in a brewer that pays homage to the iconic octagonal design while blending it with modern technology. In that case, the DeLonghi Alicia Electric Moka Pot might answer your prayers.

A Practical and Convenient Option

Combining the simplicity of the moka pot and the convenience of an electric kettle, the DeLonghi Alicia is both practical and easy to use. Add water to the aluminum boiler, place the filter, and add the ground coffee without tamping it. When you are ready to brew, screw on the top chamber, put it on the base, and flip the switch.

Unlike traditional Moka pot coffee makers, you won’t need to place it onto the stovetop, as it relies entirely on its heating element. This, combined with the cool-touch base, makes it portable and easy to use in different house rooms, at the office, or even on holiday.

Your Perfect Cup, Your Way

The DeLonghi Alicia can give you 6 cups of coffee, but if you need less, you can use the included filter adapter and enjoy 3 cups instead. While DeLonghi does not offer other size options, we appreciate the filter adapter to make brewing less coffee easier. If you serve more than five or six people, factor in some extra time for the brew, but take comfort that Alicia does not require your supervision. With temperature-optimizing technology and an auto shut-off feature, you can turn it on and return to perfect, hot coffee.

Thanks to the transparent container, you can also monitor the brewing process and enjoy the bubbling dance of the coffee pouring into the top compartment. Another handy feature is its “Keep Warm” function, which can keep your coffee piping hot for up to 30 minutes!

The Rich and Bold Flavor

DeLonghi Alicia may be an electric moka pot, but it delivers the same robust brew you get from the classic stovetop models. The metal filter combined with pressurized extraction produces coffee with a whole body and bold flavor. Like all moka pots, Alicia is best for brewing medium or dark roasts. Light roasts tend to come out overpoweringly bright, suitable only for those who enjoy a very acidic brew.

A common complaint about moka pot coffee is that it can taste burnt due to the high heat needed to generate steam for brewing. Alicia is better than most because it heats more gently than a stovetop. However, this isn’t the best brewer for those enamored with subtly flavored specialty coffee. I would describe the coffee it makes as tasting richly “coffee-flavored.”

Durable and Built to Last

When you see the DeLonghi logo, that’s a warranty: this Italian company was founded in 1902, so they have plenty of experience in the field… and it shows! The Alicia is a durable, high-quality electric Moka espresso maker built and designed for frequent use.

While the transparent plastic upper chamber is not as aesthetically pleasing as the design of all-metallic models, it’s still an interesting design choice as it allows you to monitor the extraction process easily. Following the moka pot tradition, the base and filter basket are aluminum and hold up well over time. The important thing is that it does what it’s built for: make good espresso coffee and keep it warm for a while.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The DeLonghi Alicia electric moka pot is relatively easy to clean and maintain. You can rinse its parts underwater, but it can’t be put in the dishwasher like other moka pots. Just be careful not to immerse or rinse the bottom part of the boiler directly. We also recommend descaling it occasionally to ensure its longevity and the best coffee flavor.

If you want to enhance your Italian coffee experience with a touch of modern convenience, the DeLonghi Alicia Electric Moka Pot is a great choice. Enjoy the rich, bold flavors of a traditional moka pot with the added convenience of an electric brewer.

The Benefits of the DeLonghi Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Maker

The nice thing about the moka pot is that it can create a very nice cup of strong coffee and that the equipment you need is wholly affordable.

Save Money with the DeLonghi Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Maker

Not only is the DeLonghi Alicia electric moka espresso maker excellent value for money, but it will save you quite a bit in the long run, as you won’t have to rely on coffee pods, paper filters, or expensive K-Cups. It’s a one-time purchase that can brew espresso-esque coffee for all your favorite frothy drinks and caffeine cravings. We recommend investing in a grinder to make your moka coffee from freshly-ground beans and achieve the best flavor!

You prefer the traditional moka method – While the DeLonghi Electric Moka Espresso Maker shares the design and brewing process of the conventional moka, it uses an electric heating system rather than the old-school stovetop method. If you want to keep it authentic and stay true to the roots of the moka pot, then we think that Bialetti’s Moka Express or the Brikka would be a better choice for you, as both are meant to be used on your stovetop. It’s also the company that invented moka pots, to begin with, so it surely can’t get more authentic and traditional than this!

a bialetti moka pot that looks a tad similar to the delonghi emk6 alicia electric moka espresso coffee maker

You want proper espresso – This is no fault of De’Longhi: moka pots are generally designed to give you an espresso-style drink, but it’s not technically espresso as they lack the pressure needed to achieve its particular extraction method. If you like the quality and performance of the Alicia, but you want a true-to-form shot topped with a thick layer of crema, then we think you should try the ​De’Longhi EC155 15-Bar Espresso Machine.

You routinely brew coffee for more than five people at a time – As we discussed, making coffee for a big group will take more than one brew cycle with Alicia. If you are looking for a more time-efficient option, we suggest the TOPS Rapid Brew, available in 6, 9, and 12-cup sizes, and the Cuisinox Roma, which comes in 4, 6, and 10-cup sizes.

The DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia electric moka espresso coffee maker is a quick and practical solution to your caffeinated needs that blends nostalgic traditional elements and modern perks, such as the auto shut-off, the Keep Warm feature, and the cool-touch base. Relying on its heating system rather than a stove, it’s also perfect for the office or to take with you on holiday and plug in your hotel room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moka Coffee as Strong as Espresso?

No, Moka coffee is not as strong as espresso, but it’s the closest you can get to it without using an espresso machine. Moka coffee is usually 2 to 3 times more concentrated than drip coffee.

Exploring the Tamping Myth: Should You Tamp a Moka Pot?

Unveiling the Truth: Tamping in a Moka Pot

If you are a coffee enthusiast, chances are you’ve come across the practice of tamping. Tamping is commonly associated with espresso machines, where the ground coffee is firmly compressed before extraction. However, when it comes to using a moka pot, the tamping technique is unnecessary, and here’s why.

Unlike espresso machines, moka pots operate under different pressure levels. While espresso machines rely on high pressure (around 9 bars) to extract the delectable flavors, moka pots function at much lower pressure (1-2 bars). This lower pressure is insufficient for the water to pass through tamped ground coffee and reach the container. Therefore, tamping the coffee in a moka pot will not yield the desired results.

Safety First: Avoiding Moka Pot Mishaps

DELONGHI EMK6 for Authentic Italian Espresso

As with any kitchen appliance, it’s essential to prioritize safety while using a moka pot. Although rare, there have been cases of moka pots exploding, causing harm to individuals. However, this can be easily prevented by following one crucial guideline.

Always ensure that the water level in the moka pot is filled below the valve line. The pressure relief valve is a safety feature that releases excess pressure build-up. Covering this valve increases the risk of pressure build-up, potentially leading to an explosion. By adhering to this simple precaution, you can enjoy your smoke pot coffee with peace of mind.

In conclusion, the traditional tamping method should be left to espresso machines. When brewing coffee in a moka pot, there is no need to tamp the coffee grounds, as the lower pressure levels are not conducive to this technique. Moreover, prioritizing safety by maintaining the water below the valve line will prevent unfortunate accidents. With these insights, you can confidently brew your perfect cup of moka pot coffee without any doubts or risks.

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