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Is Cafe Bustelo Cuban? Unraveling its Origins

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By Daniel Bruce

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Is Cafe Bustelo Cuban?

Cafe Bustelo is not a uniquely Cuban coffee.

Cafe Bustelo is one of the most popular brands available for Cuban coffee. But is Cafe Bustelo Cuban? Or is it Puerto Rican, Dominican, or even Colombian? Cafe Bustelo is not a uniquely Cuban coffee. The traditional espresso-style coffees inspire its recipe and blend in Latin America. However, Cafe Bustelo’s founder spent time in Cuba and Puerto Rico before moving to the U.S., where he founded the company.

While Cafe Bustelo is not specific to Cuba, that doesn’t mean it’s not a legit brand for making authentic Cuban coffee. If you’d like to learn more about this famous coffee and where you can find other authentic Cuban-style coffees, keep reading!

1. Cafe Bustelo is widely known as a Latin-style coffee.

While Cafe Bustelo isn’t a coffee unique to Cuba, it is widely known as a Latin-style coffee because this strong espresso-style coffee is enjoyed in several places across Latin America.

2. Cafe Bustelo’s History May Have Begun In Cuba

According to Cafe Bustelo’s history (link to Cafe Bustelo’s site), its founder, Gregorio Bustelo, was from Spain but spent some of his time traveling throughout Latin America. During his travels, he fell in love with the robust, espresso-style coffee famous throughout the region.

Is Cafe Bustelo Cuban?

Details of the places he visited are scarce, but it’s expressly noted that he lived in Havana, where he met his wife. Eventually, they both moved to Puerto Rico and then to America.

Gregorio’s time in Cuba is often connected with his love of espresso-style coffee, and the company’s beans may have even been sourced from Cuba early on, which is why Cafe Bustelo is often described as Cuban coffee. However, his wife (who was Puerto Rican) is said to have also influenced the brand.

In addition, Cafe Bustelo quickly became a staple among Cuban immigrants in New York before becoming popular among Puerto Ricans and Dominicans.

It’s likely that every place he visited impacted Gregorio’s tastes, preferences, and coffee preparation methods and that the brand was made with everyone in mind.

FYI: The woman on the can of Cafe Bustelo is the founder’s wife, Angela.

Cafe Cubano - Cuban Coffee - Miami Espresso

Although Cafe Bustelo began in New York as a Latin-style coffee, it was purchased by Rowland Coffee Roasters in 2000. Cafe Bustelo quickly gained popularity among Cuban immigrants in Miami and became synonymous with Cuban coffee in the area.

So, while Cafe Bustelo may not be exclusively Cuban, its history, origins, and popularity in Miami have contributed to its association with Cuban coffee. Whether you’re looking to enjoy authentic Cuban coffee or exploring Latin-style coffees, Cafe Bustelo is still a brand worth trying.

The Rise of Cafe Bustelo

Cuban Roots and Miami Headquarters

Rowland Coffee Roasters, the owner of Cafe Bustelo, was a Cuban-owned company known for producing authentic Cuban coffees like Pilon. With Rowland Coffee Roasters headquartered in Miami, also known as Little Havana, Cafe Bustelo gained popularity in the area.

Acquisition by Smuckers and Enduring Legacy

In 2011, Smuckers purchased Rowland Coffee Roasters, including Cafe Bustelo. However, by then, Cafe Bustelo had already established itself as an authentic Cuban coffee and had become a staple in many Cuban households. Its reputation remains vital to this day.

Exploring the Quality of Cafe Bustelo

Cafe Bustelo is undoubtedly good coffee, especially if you have a taste for Cuban coffee. It is typically sold in an espresso style, known for its very dark roast. The beans are finely pre-ground, making them ideal for Moka Pots. Cafe Bustelo also offers a whole bean option called Supreme by Cafe Bustelo, which can be found on Amazon.

When you indulge in Cafe Bustelo, expect a wonderful aroma and an intense and rich smoky taste.

FYI: We recommend investing in a quality Moka Pot like Bialetti’s Moka Express (available on Amazon) for optimal enjoyment of Cuban coffee. This Moka Pot has been our go-to for years, producing fantastic Cuban coffee.

Finding Authentic Cuban Coffee

Limited Imports, Alternative Solutions

Since Cuban imports are not readily available in America, obtaining authentic coffee can be challenging. The best option is to purchase a few bags of coffee beans while visiting the island of Cuba. However, this might not be feasible or practical for everyone.

The next best choice is to look for coffee beans made using traditional Cuban roasting methods or those recognized as legitimate by Cubans.

The Big Three Brands

The top three brands for authentic Cuban coffee are:

– Cafe Bustelo

– Pilon

– La Llave

Cafe Bustelo

While Cafe Bustelo was not founded by a Cuban, it has emerged as one of the most popular brands for Cuban coffee. Its Cuban roasting formula remains a secret, but its popularity speaks for itself.

With these brands, you can experience the rich flavors of traditional Cuban coffee in the comfort of your home.

Pilon: The Authentic Cuban Coffee That Stood the Test of Time

For over 100 years, Pilon has been the go-to coffee brand for Cubans. Originally hailing from Cuba, the owners of Pilon brought their beloved coffee recipes with them when they moved to Miami. This coffee has a rich history and a flavor that captures the essence of Cuban culture.

Discover the Cuban Tradition with La Llave

Another remarkable brand of Cuban coffee is La Llave. This family-owned company was founded by Cubans who left their home during the revolution. They had been perfecting their coffee cultivation and roasting techniques for years before establishing their business in the U.S. La Llave embodies the true essence of Cuban coffee, allowing you to experience the flavors that have captivated generations.

Is Cafe Bustelo Colombian or Cuban?

Cafe Bustelo is not a Colombian brand, although often associated with Colombian coffee. While it may contain Colombian beans in its blend, Cafe Bustelo is not directly connected to the country. However, Cafe Bustelo offers Colombian coffee as part of its “Origins” line that showcases single-origin beans from various countries, including Colombia.

If you’re wondering how to make Cuban coffee without a Moka Pot, we have you covered. Our post, “How To Make Cuban Coffee Without A Moka Pot,” provides step-by-step instructions to help you enjoy the authentic taste of Cuban coffee without needing specialty equipment.

Unlocking the Distinctions: Is Cafe Bustelo Espresso?

Cafe Bustelo is not technically espresso, although its intense and concentrated flavor may resemble that of espresso. Espresso is a brewing method, while Cafe Bustelo is a brand of coffee beans. While both result in robust beverages, there are notable differences in the brewing process.

If you’re a fan of Cafe Bustelo but crave the boldness of espresso, make sure to check out our informative post “Is Cafe Bustelo Espresso?” to gain a deeper understanding of the brewing methods and differences between the two.

1. Is Cafe Bustelo From Cuba? – Key Takeaways

One last thing to mention – Cafe Bustelo could be used in an espresso machine. In that case, it would be espresso.

  • Cafe Bustelo did not originate in Cuba. However, it’s a famous brand for making Cuban coffee.
  • Other popular brands for Cuban coffee are Pilon and La Llave.
  • Cafe Bustelo is an excellent choice for making great coffee.

Is Cafe Bustelo Cuban?

2. Cafe Bustelo’s Cuban Coffee Connection

If you are a coffee enthusiast looking to explore the world of Cuban coffee, you might have come across the name Cafe Bustelo. While Cafe Bustelo may not have originated in Cuba, it has become a popular choice among those who enjoy Cuban coffee’s rich and bold flavors.

Cuban coffee is known for its strong taste and unique brewing methods. It is often brewed using a stovetop espresso maker called a “cafeteria.” This brewing method extracts the maximum flavor from the coffee grounds, producing a solid and aromatic cup of coffee.

Cafe Bustelo, although not Cuban in origin, has gained recognition as a top choice for making delicious Cuban coffee. Its bold and robust flavors perfectly complement the traditional brewing techniques, resulting in a truly authentic Cuban coffee experience.

While Cafe Bustelo is a favorite among Cuban coffee enthusiasts, it is not the only option available. Pilon and La Llave are other popular brands often associated with Cuban coffee.

Like Cafe Bustelo, Pilon is known for its strong and rich coffee. It offers a distinct flavor profile that perfectly captures the essence of Cuban coffee. La Llave, on the other hand, is praised for its smooth and balanced taste, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a milder cup of Cuban coffee.

No matter which brand you choose, these three options – Cafe Bustelo, Pilon, and La Llave – are all loved by coffee connoisseurs for their dedication to quality and ability to deliver an authentic Cuban coffee experience.

To sum it up, while Cafe Bustelo may not have originated in Cuba, it has become a famous brand for making Cuban coffee. Whether you prefer Cafe Bustelo, Pilon, or La Llave, you can trust that you will be able to enjoy the bold and rich flavors that are synonymous with Cuban coffee. So, go ahead and indulge in a delicious cup of Cuban coffee – you won’t be disappointed. Cheers, coffee lovers!

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