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How to Make Cafe Bustelo Like a Pro: 6 Fast And Easy Steps

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By Daniel Bruce

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If you’re a fan of Café Bustelo, you’ll love this step-by-step guide to making it at home!

It’s surprisingly easy – you’ll need only a few simple ingredients and a coffee maker.

Café Bustelo is one of those rare coffee companies that has maintained consumer interest and has a fan base.

Ideal for lovers of solid coffee beverages, this dark roast coffee is perfect for those mornings when you need an extra push from your coffee drink to get going.

Café Bustelo is also sold pre-ground, so you don’t need special grinders or fancy coffee machines to make this brew.

So, whether you’re a first-time brewer, an experienced regular coffee maker, or a world-traveling coffee connoisseur, read on for all the information you need to make Café Bustelo like a pro!

What is Cafe Bustelo?

Café Bustelo is a Hispanic coffee company that started in Cuba. It’s a finely-ground dark roast coffee with a rich, bold flavor and a chocolatey taste.

How To Make Cafe Bustelo

Despite its rich Latin roots, the company was founded in the 1920s in New York City after Gregorio Bustelo arrived in The Big Apple from Spain. He dreamed of creating his roaster, and the business began with him selling hand-ground, flavorful coffee while working at a hotel to save money.

His business grew, and soon he could open up his first store, after which he could sell to supermarkets, Latino grocery stores, and eventually worldwide.

Today, Café Bustelo is one of the most popular types of coffee in the US, one of the biggest names in the Latin coffee community, and Gregorio is known for his delicious dark roast coffee.

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Café Bustelo is sold pre-ground, which means you can make it at home without special equipment and using just about any brewing process. It’s a solid and assertive cup of excellent coffee that can still deliver the kick of espresso coffee without an espresso machine – you can make it with a drip machine.

You can also make this Latin ground coffee with an espresso machine or a portable maker. This brand is often sold as an “extra fine” pre-ground espresso-style coffee.

How to Make Cafe Bustelo Like a Pro – What You’ll Need

So, to make a Café Bustelo coffee, you’ll need:

  • Café Bustelo ground coffee
  • Cold filtered water
  • A drip coffee maker
  • A basket coffee filter
  • Fresh milk or creamer (optional)
  • Sugar (optional)

How to Make Cafe Bustelo

Step One

First things first, you’ll need to gather your materials. Ensure you have everything on the list above before moving to step two.

Step Two

You’ll need to fill the drip machine’s reservoir with cold water. Café Bustelo advises adding six ounces of water to every tablespoon of coffee.

To determine how much water to add, you can measure moisture in a coffee cup and add it to the coffee maker reservoir. Adding more water than required to soak the coffee and filter is better since it absorbs some liquid.

Step Three: Put your Filter in the Basket

When making Café Bustelo, it’s essential to use a filter to ensure a clean and delicious cup of coffee. If your coffee maker has a reusable filter, that’s great. However, a standard 4″ basket filter will do the trick if not. Place the filter into the filter basket to prepare for brewing.

Step Four: Add Ground Coffee to the Filter

Take the ground Café Bustelo coffee and add it to the filter. Be careful not to overfill the filter. To measure the coffee, use a tablespoon and add slightly less than one spoonful per serving. This will give you the perfect balance of flavor, considering that Café Bustelo is naturally bold. Once the grounds are in the filter, gently shake it to even them out and pat down the top.

Step Five: Turn on Your Drip Coffee Maker

Now it’s time to start brewing. Turn on your drip coffee maker and wait for the magic to happen. Depending on your coffee maker, you will have a whole pot of delicious, dark-roast Cuban-style coffee in five to ten minutes. The brew time may vary based on the water in your coffee maker’s reservoir.

Step Six: Pour and Enjoy

Once the brewing is complete, your Café Bustelo is ready to be enjoyed. Pour yourself a cup of this rich and flavorful coffee. Some people prefer to add warm milk and sugar to taste, but traditionally, Café Bustelo is meant to be drunk black. Savor the boldness and the unique taste of this Cuban-style coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you make a Café Bustelo espresso at home?

Absolutely! Making Café Bustelo espresso at home is easy. You only need a drip coffee maker, ground coffee, hot water, and a preferred brewing method.

2. How do you make Café Bustelo on the stove?

You can use a Moka pot to brew Café Bustelo on the stove. You must add water and ground coffee to the bank like a drip coffee maker. Then, place the pot on medium heat until the water boils and creates steam. The steam will push the water up through the coffee grounds, making a rich and bold espresso.

3. Can I use a French press to make Café Bustelo?

Yes, you can! Using a French press is another option to brew Café Bustelo. Add water and coffee grounds to the media, let it sit for four minutes, and then plunge the press to separate the brewed coffee from the settings. Pour yourself a cup of delicious Café Bustelo coffee.

4. How do you make Café Bustelo pour over?

Using a pour-over method is also a great way to make Café Bustelo. Add a tablespoon of coffee grounds to your pour-over filter, boil water, and slowly pour the water over the grounds. Let it steep for a few minutes, and then you’re ready to enjoy a cup of Café Bustelo.

5. Can you make Café Bustelo in a Keurig?

Yes, you can! Café Bustelo now offers K-Cups for Keurig users. It’s a convenient and easy way to enjoy your favorite Café Bustelo coffee. Each box contains 36 K-Cups, ensuring plenty of Café Bustelo for your daily cup of coffee.

6. Is Café Bustelo best served hot or cold?

While we recommend enjoying Café Bustelo hot, there are many ways to enjoy it cold. If you prefer it out, we suggest making a cold brew or brewing the coffee in advance and adding ice.

7. Can I make a cold brew with Café Bustelo?

Certainly! A cold brew is an excellent option for enjoying Café Bustelo. Prepare your coffee grounds and water in a cold brew system, let it steep for several hours or overnight, and then strain out the dirt. The result is a smooth and refreshing cold brew coffee with all the boldness of Café Bustelo.

Because of its dark roast, Café Bustelo is excellent for making cold brews.

All you have to do is make sure you’re using a 1:4 coffee-to-water ratio, and then you can use your preferred method for making a cold brew.

Can I use an iced coffee maker for Café Bustelo?

While you might be used to making your daily cup of coffee with an iced coffee maker, we recommend forgoing this brewing method.

If you’d prefer your Café Bustelo served cold, you can get a more robust coffee by making a cold brew or brewing it before adding ice.

Is Café Bustelo espresso or coffee?

Café Bustelo Instant Coffee is not espresso. It’s instant coffee made by adding water to ground coffee beans. The resulting drink is similar to espresso but not as concentrated.

Can I use Café Bustelo in an Aeropress?

Yes! Just like Café Bustelo, an Aeropress doesn’t technically produce authentic espresso. Yet, its flavor is very similar to espresso, especially if you brew the dark roast of Café Bustelo.

Once you add the Café Bustelo to your Aeropress, pour hot water over the grounds and stir.

Can you use Café Bustelo in an espresso machine?

Yes, you can use Café Bustelo in an espresso machine. Just add the ground coffee to the filter and brew as usual.

The resulting drink will be a Cuban coffee experience similar to an espresso shot but not as concentrated.

How many calories are in Café Bustelo?

There are about three calories in a single serving of Café Bustelo Espresso Coffee. Because of this, it’s considered a low-calorie coffee that’s a perfect healthier option!

Happy Caffeinating!

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