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How Many Espresso Shots Is Too Much? Here’s What Health Experts Say!

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By Tanya Jones

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How Many Espresso Shots Is Too Much

Espresso is one of the most delicious caffeinated drinks many consumers desire to start their new day.

This strong and flavorful drink is made by forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee beans, producing a concentrated shot of caffeine.

The reaction of different people to caffeine is different. While some can drink a pot, some may feel jittery after consumption.

How many espresso shots is too much? This article will discuss this article and show you the limit when enjoying this delicious drink.

Let’s delve into it to get more detail!

What Are The Health Benefits Of Espresso?

Drinking espresso in moderation is healthy for the body. Coffee beans are rich in minerals and vitamins.

This coffee maximizes the health benefits of coffee grounds more than other preparation techniques.

With proper use, you can get the following health benefits from this delicious drink:

Reduce The Risks Of Heart Problems

Research has shown drinking coffee moderately, including this drink, may benefit heart health.

Some studies show coffee can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Besides, it may enhance blood vessel function.

Reduce the Risk of Cancer

This coffee drink is rich in antioxidants. Therefore, it is proven to help protect your body from free radicals. Free radicals are the cause of many diseases, including cancer.

Furthermore, antioxidants can neutralize these dangerous molecules and control cell damage.

Aid Digestion

Many studies show this drink can positively influence the digestive system.

For instance, it can stimulate the production of stomach acid and enzymes. As a result, it can help break down food more efficiently.

Besides, the caffeine in this drink can stimulate bowel movements. It is helpful for those struggling with constipation.

Boost Energy and Alertness

The caffeine in this drink can make you more alert and awake. Thus, it can be helpful in the morning or during a midday slump.

Moreover, this drink can improve mental clarity and focus, making it an excellent choice for studying or work.

Health benefits

How Much Caffeine Is In An Espresso Shot?

Typically, an espresso shot may offer around 60 – 70 (mg) of caffeine. But it’s not always the case.

Some factors will affect the caffeine amount in a single shot, including the shot size, the coffee bean type, and the brewing method.

The shot size:

Traditionally, a shot of this drink is 1 ounce (30ml) in volume. Nevertheless, many coffee shops offer double and triple shots containing 2 and 3 ounces.

The coffee bean type:

Different types of coffee beans contain varying amounts of caffeine. For example, darker roasts have less caffeine than lighter roasts.

Furthermore, Arabica and Robusta coffee beans have different caffeine content.

The brewing method:

People make this drink with the high-pressure brewing method to extract more caffeine from the beans.

But each coffee shop uses diverse techniques to make its drink, which leads to different caffeine amounts.

The amount of caffeine in a shot

How Many Espresso Shots Is Too Much?

Health experts advise not to drink more than six shots of espresso or four cups daily. Otherwise, you may encounter adverse side effects from this drink.

It’s advisable not to drink more coffee shots than this amount because it may cause unwanted health issues, like heart disease.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, it’s not a good idea to drink more than 400 (mg) of caffeine daily. This amount equals 4 to 5 cups.

That said, the limit to the caffeine content a person can handle may vary, depending on some factors, including:

Caffeine Tolerance

The caffeine amount a person can handle depends on some factors, like their caffeine tolerance level.

This level is the caffeine amount a person can drink without experiencing any adverse effects. Several factors affect this level, like age, sex, and body weight.

For example, adults have a higher caffeine tolerance level than you people. Also, women can’t tolerate caffeine as well as men.

Besides these factors, regular consumers may have a higher caffeine tolerance level than those who don’t drink very often.

Individuals with a higher caffeine tolerance level can drink more without experiencing any adverse effects.

The truth is that your body can get familiar with the caffeine effects. Also, the cells can adapt to the presence of this substance in your bloodstream.

Tolerance levels

Health Factors

It is crucial to consider any underlying health conditions that may affect your caffeine tolerance.

Besides these people, those with sleep disorders and anxiety should also avoid too much caffeine.

Most importantly, it is essential to consult a doctor before drinking caffeine.

Furthermore, are you pregnant? You must be careful with the caffeine content in your drinks to avoid miscarriage or preterm birth.

Therefore, it’s best to limit the caffeine intake to 200 (mg) for these women. It equals 1 – 2 cups daily to avoid side effects.

Recommended Daily Caffeine Intake

The Food and Drug Administration states healthy adults’ recommended caffeine intake is 400 (mg), which is equal to 4 shots daily.

However, it’s worth mentioning that this recommended limit doesn’t mean you should drink four shots in one sitting.

Additionally, the way people react to caffeine is different. For example, some may encounter adverse effects, like increased heart rate or insomnia if drinking too much.

Therefore, it is advisable to space out caffeine intake throughout the day rather than drink it all simultaneously.

You can also consider alternative caffeine sources, such as tea or chocolate.

Recommended intake

Adverse Effects Of Too Much Caffeine

The following effects will occur if you gradually increase your daily coffee intake until you surpass the six shots.


Too much caffeine can also cause anxiety. You may experience jitteriness and anxiety from caffeine’s ability to activate your neural system.

It’s a big problem for anyone who easily experiences anxiety or panic attacks.


Insomnia is one of the most frequent side effects of drinking too much coffee.

It may be challenging to fall asleep if caffeine has disrupted your sleep pattern. It will lead to chronic insomnia, which can harm your overall health.

Digestive Issues

Drinking too much caffeine may cause digestive issues. Besides, you may encounter diarrhea and dehydration.

High Blood Pressure

Too much caffeine can cause blood pressure to increase. It is dangerous for people with high blood pressure.


Finally, too much caffeine can lead to addiction. This substance acts as a stimulant, so it may get addictive.

If you regularly drink coffee with too much caffeine, you may become addicted. As a result, it causes withdrawal symptoms when you try to cut back.

Side effects

Which Has More Caffeine: Espresso Or Coffee?

Generally, espresso has more caffeine per ounce than coffee. A coffee cup is bigger than an espresso one; the caffeine content of the first option is higher.

The average caffeine concentration of an espresso shot is around 63 (mg). On the other hand, one coffee cup may have 95 (mg) of caffeine.

Furthermore, a typical espresso serving is only 1 to 2 ounces. Meanwhile, a coffee cup is often 8 to 12 ounces.

In other words, a cup of coffee may contain four times as much caffeine as an espresso shot.

Additionally, caffeine amounts vary, depending on many elements, like the type of coffee, the brewing technique, and the serving size.

Therefore, checking the label or asking your barista to know how much caffeine you should drink is best.


How Many Shots Of Espresso Is Ok In A Day?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, moderate caffeine intake is 400 (gm) daily, equivalent to four shots.

Is It Ok To Drink 2 Shots Of Espresso?

Drinking two shots of this coffee can be safe and beneficial for some people.

However, it is crucial to consider factors, such as tolerance levels and health conditions, before drinking it.

You can learn more about the coffee dose by watching this video:

How Strong Are 2 Shots Of Espresso?

The strength of this drink depends on some factors, as shown below:
– The coffee bean type
The roast level
– The brewing technique
Generally, a shot contains 63 (mg) of caffeine. Therefore, two shots will have about 126 (mg).

How Long Do 2 Shots Of Espresso Stay In Your System?

The effects of two shots can last from 2 – 6 hours, depending on the following factors:
– The amount of coffee
– The tolerance level
– The time of day

Can You Sleep After Drinking Espresso?

It’s hard to answer this question immediately because it depends on some factors, including:
– The amount of coffee
– The tolerance level
– The time of day
If you can’t tolerate a higher level of caffeine, drinking a bit of coffee may cause you to experience insomnia.

On the other hand, if you can tolerate higher content, you can sleep without any problems after drinking it.

Frequently asked questions

Wrapping Up

In short, drinking more than six espresso shots or 4 cups per day is too much.

However, the ultimate answer depends on various factors such as tolerance level, health conditions, and recommended daily intake.

Moreover, before enjoying your cup, you must understand your tolerance limit to avoid unwanted issues due to drinking too much.

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