Can You Snort Coffee? Does It Do You Good Or Harm?

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Can You Snort Coffee. Grinding coffee beans is an important step
Can You Snort Coffee

Coffee is famous for its wonderful taste, but many people also love its aroma. So can you snort coffee? It’s okay to smell coffee as a beverage.

However, snorting is a different story. Due to its high caffeine content, you need to pay attention to coffee, no matter which method you enjoy.

This article will discuss the effect of snorting coffee grounds. Let’s check to see if it suits you or not!

Can You Snort Coffee?

Yes, but you shouldn’t. Snorting coffee is dangerous as it will harm your nose’s sensitive lining, increasing your risk of dependency and addiction.

Coffee has a high level of caffeine. Hence, it is a stimulant that enters your brain when snorted. Anxiety, sleeplessness, and even hallucinations may occur as a result.

What is snorting?

Snorting, often referred to as insufflation, makes it simpler to get highs because, when done correctly, it offers your nasal airway direct access to your brain.

Coffee will deliver a boost of energy if you snort it. Its caffeine content penetrates the blood vessels in your nasal tube and goes quickly to your brain.

The problem is that the coffee grounds aren’t pure. They won’t dissolve when snorted but get stuck in your nose. It will cause many problems then.

Why do people start to snort coffee?

Snorting coffee is a trend from a famous TV program named “Orange Is The New Black.” In the program, two convicts were in charge of watching two prisoners. They had to use pharmacological techniques to maintain consciousness because staying awake for a very long time is hard.

Sadly, they believed that the fastest and most convenient way to experience the benefits of any energy booster was to inhale it.

Although this approach could be helpful for single-substance impacts, such as cocaine, snorting coffee grounds generated a different effect.

In the end, the convicts did stay awake. However, they were enduring intense pain from having coffee grounds trapped in their noses.

What Happens If You Snort Coffee Grounds?

Snorting coffee grounds will give you an immediate energy boost. However, it leads to some negative consequences, too. Let’s check both pros and cons of using this method to energize yourself.

Deceptive advantages

Snorting about a cup of coffee seems like an excellent approach to staying alert while focusing on a long assignment.

Coffee insufflation can speed up their ability to pass the blood-brain barrier if delivered in the right way.

In fact, many people use this insufflation method because it’s the fastest way to transfer a substance through the blood-brain barrier.

When inhaled, specific components of coffee can quickly travel up the nose and reach the bloodstream. They have neurological effects once they interact with brain receptors.


The purest form of caffeine is available, but it’s extremely harmful and not advisable. The negative consequences are much worse than they seem, although it gives you a quick energy boost.

Some of the caffeine in coffee grounds that you snort may reach your bloodstream, while others may stay in your nose. The residue won’t go away, and it will be pretty painful.

Snorting is not an effective way to get rid of caffeine. Even after you brew coffee with boiling water in a traditional way, a cup of coffee requires hours to dissolve.

As a result, those who snort coffee grounds could have various unforeseen problems. The following are a few noticeable adverse effects:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Respiratory diseases

Coffee grounds can penetrate your body and cause severe diarrhea and vomiting if you inhale them, increasing your risk of infection.

What’s worse, if the coffee grounds stay in your nose for a long time, you could get a harsh cough and some respiratory issues.

There is a safer way to snort coffee. This method works like this:

  • Prepare your coffee as usual.
  • Extract the caffeine with a fluid other than water. In this case, it’s dichloromethane.
  • Dry the fluid until you have white, fine crystalline caffeine.

The remaining caffeine after this treatment will be safer to inhale than the original. However, it involves high expertise and much time to perform. Hence, this method is only for reference.

It would be better to drink brewed coffee. It still offers the amount of caffeine you need to stay awake without posing severe effects.

This video will reveal some tips for using coffee and its caffeine content to stay awake and focused:

What To Do If You Have Snorted Coffee By Mistake?

If you accidentally inhale coffee, do not panic. Follow these instructions to stay safe:

  • First, you may feel like your nose and throat are burning, along with difficulty breathing and coughing. They are typical reactions and will disappear after a few minutes.
  • If you still feel comfortable, rinse your mouth and nose with water to clean the remaining coffee. This method can also help relieve your irritation.
  • Drink some milk because the fat content will help smooth your throat.

Most of the time, snorting coffee accidentally won’t cause big trouble. Yet, if you suffer from excessive coughing or shortness of breath, ask for medical help.


Snorting coffee seems like a fantastic way to get more energy to focus on your tasks. However, due to the side effects, it’s not a safe thing to do.

Instead, please stick to the traditional way of enjoying coffee. In this manner, you can avoid many health risks and still benefit from consuming caffeine.

What do you think about snorting coffee? Have you tried it before? Comment and share with us your experience so those who intend to do it can expect what will happen to them.

Thank you for reading and sharing!

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