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Can You Put Coffee In A Hydro Flask? In-depth Explanations 2023

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By Daniel Bruce

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Can You Put Coffee In A Hydro Flask

Coffee has turned into something extremely significant with many people’s daily energy and enjoyment. It can offer you fantastic health benefits and give you good energy to get you through the hectic days.

As a coffee enthusiast, you may want to bring this drink even when you go hiking, go camping, or go for a walk with friends.

However, how to keep your beverage’s temperatures and flavors during the day? Can you put coffee in a Hydro Flask?

If you wonder about these questions, let’s scroll down this article to continue reading and discover in-depth explanations!

What Is A Hydro Flask?

Hydro Flasks are incredibly well-liked water bottles because they can hold hot liquids for up to 12 hours and ice for up to 24 hours.

These water bottles are made of premium 18/8 durable stainless steel, making them resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

As a result, these bottles can prevent your drink’s flavor from transferring and the containers from retaining.

The manufacturers don’t add the liner to the inside. Also, they coat a layer of thermoset polymer on the outside.

Moreover, the Hydro Flask bottles have a vacuum seal between their inside and outside sides with secret technology.

A Hydro Flask

Can You Put Coffee In A Hydro Flask?

Yes! You can use a Hydro Flask to contain coffee, thanks to its premium 18/8 stainless steel. This material isn’t reactive to your drink and doesn’t leach.

The container’s air tightness is achieved using thick plastic covers with rubber gaskets.

As an insulator, plastic will prevent heat from escaping or entering the flask. Besides, the rubber gaskets stop warm air from entering the flask and warming the liquid within, and vice versa.

As a result, your drink will stay hotter for longer in the bottle without losing any of its flavors.

Some consumers wonder whether coffee may damage the bottle due to its acidic component. The short answer is no. Coffee doesn’t contain sufficient acid to corrode the stainless steel of your Hydro Flask.

Coffee typically has a pH level between 4.85 and 5.10. This drink almost reaches pH neutrality if you add a bit of milk.

Therefore, you may confidently pour your hot brew into the Hydro Flask, especially the high-quality and reputable type.

Is The Hydro Flask Leak-Proof?

The good news is Yes! These water bottles are leak-proof because they have a screw-on/flex cap with an affixed handle for effortless transportation.

These flex caps twist into the water bottle instead of around the lips, which differs from most other types.

Moreover, the internal twist provides an airtight environment inside the flask, making it far harder for the liquid to flow.

The bottle is leak-proof.

Does Coffee Taste Different When Kept in a Hydro Flask?

According to standards, the stainless steel used to make the Hydro Flask should not affect the drink flavors.

As you can see, most coffee variations are typically brewed using stainless steel equipment, and all taste identical.

On the other hand, some consumers assume the Hydro Flask may change the drink’s taste and make it relatively bland.

However, stainless steel does not absorb any flavor or aroma. Its chromium component makes it non-reactive to your drink.

How Long Will Coffee Be Hot Inside A Hydro Flask?

Hydro Flask says hot drinks maintain their heat for about 12 hours. Yet, the following elements might cause coffee to chill more quickly.

Your drink will keep warmer for longer if you save it for later during the day or don’t frequently open and close the bottle during this period.

Besides, your drink’s size also affects the answer. The insulation can last longer if there is more liquid and less air within the water bottle.

The typical temperature of the coffee is between 50 – 65℃, and this water bottle can maintain this heat for around 6 hours.

It will gradually become a lukewarm beverage over the following six hours.

The period this bottle can keep the temperature

Can You Use A Hydro Flask For Iced Coffee?

The answer is yes! You don’t need to worry when adding cold drinks, including iced coffee, to this water bottle.

Iced coffee has a reduced chance of interacting with stainless steel than hot beverages. Moreover, because iced brew is cooler, it is less likely to interact with the components of the bottle or container.

The bottle is vacuum-insulated, so you can preserve your drink cold for longer by keeping heated air outside from entering the bottle.

The water may stay cold for roughly 24 hours thanks to the flask’s superb insulation. This container’s vacuum design helps preserve the liquid’s internal temperature.

However, regardless of how effectively the bottle is functioning, iced coffee retains some ice cubes that will inevitably melt away over time.

In general, cold water has a higher density than warm liquid. Depending on your storage methods, iced coffee can stay cold for 24 hours.

How To Keep Your Coffee Hot In Your Hydro Flask?

The following are a few of the easiest tricks you may apply to take pleasure in warm coffee all day with a Hydro Flask:

  • Don’t store the bottle in a refrigerator or freezer.
  • Heat the stainless steel within the water bottle by preheating the bottle’s interior.
  • Use more coffee than usual, as it will take more effort to decrease the temperature.
  • Use thicker, better-insulating standard mouth caps.
  • After you boil and prepare your drink, pour it into the water bottle.
  • Cover the cap closed to preserve the warmth when not in use.
  • To provide an additional layer of insulation coverage, use an insulated bag.
  • Your drink will ultimately lose hotness, so consume it as quickly as possible.
Tips for keeping your drink hot in this bottle

What To Do If The Hydro Flask Changes Your Coffee Taste?

It’s worth noting that the Hydro Flask with stainless steel won’t change the flavor and taste of your drink.

However, you may notice a strange flavor if you pour your drink into an improperly cleaned bottle.

If you are in the same situation, let’s consider the following tips to eliminate that unpleasant taste:


Using hot salt water to wash your bottle is a good idea. It is terrific and straightforward to create a sterilizer.

You can follow the simple steps below:

  • Put the hot water into the bottle until it is about 3/4 full. Avoid using boiling water to prevent unwanted effects.
  • Add 2 to 3 tsp of salt.
  • Put on the lid.
  • Shake the flask for a few minutes.

This cleaning technique can decontaminate your bottle’s interior. Moreover, it can loosen and remove coffee stains and residuals.

As a result, you can eliminate the unpleasant taste from your Hydro Flask and get the best coffee flavor.

Baking Soda

When trying to get rid of stains of any kind, baking soda is a good solution.

Therefore, you can use this substance to mix with hot water and wash your water bottle. Here are some steps to complete your task:

  • Measure 1 cup of baking soda and pour it into your bottle.
  • Add water to the flask until it is about 3/4 full.
  • Cover the lid.
  • Shake the bottle for a few minutes.

Otherwise, mix the solution and let it sit for 15 minutes. This cleaning method can eliminate harsher smells and stains.


Your mouth is often in contact with your bottle’s cap and rim, so it can quickly detect strange tastes and smells.

Therefore, you must clean your water bottle, including the rim and cap, thoroughly using toothpaste.

The cleaning process is relatively simple. Follow these steps:

  • Prepare a clean toothbrush.
  • Take toothpaste the size of a pea.
  • Scrub the rim and cap carefully.
  • Rinse these parts thoroughly.

However, apply a different technique if your flask has a flex straw cap. Before detaching the red seal, completely unscrew the lid and pull the straw out.

Clean all of these parts separately using one of the ways above. After that, reassemble the lid in the opposing order you’ve disassembled.

Practical solutions

Tips For Using Hydro Flask Bottle

If it’s your first time using a hydro water bottle, apply the following tips so that you can utilize it properly and increase its longevity:

  • Don’t pour fizzy or carbonated liquids into your flask, which may lead to an explosion.
  • Preheat the bottle with hot water for a couple of minutes before adding hot drinks to prevent heat from escaping outside.
  • Before adding cold drinks to the bottle, preheat it with iced water to keep the liquids cool for longer.
  • If you notice stains on your water bottle, soak it in the water-white vinegar solution overnight.
Extra tips Hydro Flask


Can Hydro Flask Hold Coffee?

Yes! This insulated bottle made of stainless steel is suitable for containing cold and hot coffee.

How Long Does Coffee Last In A Hydro Flask?

It can keep your hot coffee warm for 12 hours and iced coffee for 24 hours.

Does Coffee React With Metal?

The good news is no! The pH level of coffee (4.85 – 5.10) isn’t strong enough to react or corrode the metal.

Does Stainless Steel Affect Coffee?

The short answer is no. This material is stable, so the likelihood it interacts with or affects your drink is minimal.

If you consider buying this product, watch this video to get the best recommendations:

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Hydro Flask is an excellent option for keeping your coffee hot and cold for extended periods.

The stainless steel of this bottle won’t affect and destroy your drink’s taste and flavor, even for long hours of storage.

Moreover, follow the tips and tricks above to get the most out of your water bottle. Happy sipping!

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