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Can You Froth Heavy Cream? The Art of Frothing

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By Tanya Jones

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Can You Froth Heavy Cream

Milk is not the only ingredient to enhance the coffee flavor. Have you ever tried pairing it with heavy cream? There are multiple ways to nail it and bring out the best of your java. Frothing is among them.

But here comes a question: Can you froth heavy cream? This article will give you an explained answer to this question. You can also discover pro tips to pull it off.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s check this guide and find out a new way to enjoy your morning coffee!

Can You Froth Heavy Cream?

Yes, you can froth heavy cream and add it to your coffee. However, the foam requires longer to integrate evenly into the cream. You can add water or milk to make the cream easier to froth.

How much heavy cream to put in coffee?

Because heavy cream is thick, you only need a little bit of it in your Java. The general rule for this combination is no more than a tablespoon of heavy cream for a cup of coffee.

A full cup of cream won’t cause any health issues. Hence, feel free to experiment with different amounts until you settle on the perfect beverage for your taste.

However, be careful with the sugar and fat content in heavy cream. As a result, if your doctor doesn’t allow high-fat drinks, you’d better stay away from them.

How to froth heavy cream?

There are three methods to froth heavy cream: handheld, manual, and electric.


The handheld frother, or frother wand, runs on battery. It has a whisk at one end to froth the cream or milk.

To froth heavy cream using the frother wand, please follow these steps:

  • Pour the cream into a frothing cup.
  • Dip the whisk end of the wand into the cream and turn it on.
  • Whisk the heavy cream for about 40 seconds.
  • Tilt the cup so the wand can cover the heavy cream properly.
  • Add the frothed cream to your coffee.


This method calls for a plunger-like frother. It resembles a French press with a plunger, milk carafe, and mesh screen.

To froth heavy cream in the manual milk frother, add it to the milk carafe. It has markings so you can check the quantity. You need to pay more attention to the minimum mark, as it prevents the cream from splashing out of the mesh screen.

Next, pump the frother up and down for about 60 seconds. Once the cream turns bubbly and frothy, add it to your coffee.


The electric frother runs on electricity. It’s the most convenient tool thanks to the automatic system. You can also use it for non-dairy milk products. Oat milk and almond milk are both excellent choices.

To use this machine for frothing your heavy cream, please take these steps:

  • Add your heavy cream to the frother. Again, use the markings to estimate the quantity. If your machine doesn’t have such markings, add just about 1/3 cream to the frother.
  • Set up the temperature.
  • Turn the machine on.
  • Wait for the machine to froth the cream and transfer it to your coffee.
You can froth heavy cream in three ways

Can Heavy Cream Curdle In Coffee?

Yes, but only if it’s close to the expiration date. In this state, it will curdle when hitting hot water. However, if you use fresh heavy cream, there will be nothing to worry about.

Heavy cream curdles because of the lactic acid content. It will tip over the balance. Things get worse if your coffee is particularly acidic. In this case, the acid content results in more curdling.

To prevent your heavy cream from curdling in coffee, you can warm it up before adding it to your java. Alternatively, use fresh heavy cream only because it’s less prone to separation.

Besides, you can solve this problem by dealing with your coffee. For example, use less acidic coffee or add some baking soda to neutralize its acidity.

Heavy cream may curdle in coffee

What Types Of Cream Can You Froth?

The two most popular options for frothing are heavy cream and half and half. You can easily froth them using the three methods mentioned above.

  • Heavy cream: Thanks to the high-fat content, heavy cream will give you a rich, creamy foam.
  • Half and half: The mixture of heavy cream and whole milk provides a light texture. Besides, it’s lower in fat content than heavy cream.

Some people try frothing coffee creamers, but it’s harder. For example, if you want to work with powdered coffee creamer, rehydrate it first.

Please note that coffee creamers have oils and sugars. Unfortunately, even if you use the steaming wand, they won’t work effectively when steamed. Moreover, creamer concoctions may separate, causing a buildup in your frother.

If you want to froth coffee creamer, this video will share some helpful tips:

You can froth heavy cream and half and half

Tips For Frothing Cream

Frothing cream for your coffee is straightforward because you can use multiple tools. But you may also want to try the following tips to get the best outcome:

  • For steaming heavy cream, hold your wand at a higher angle for longer than when steaming milk.
  • If you feel the heavy cream is not good for your health, mix it with low-fat or unsweetened almond milk.
  • Use cold, fresh cream directly from the refrigerator for ideal results. It will foam more easily and maintain its shape longer.
  • Frothing the cream may take time, but do not rush the process. If you use a handheld frother, slowly move it up and down until the foam has the desired texture.
Extra tips for frothing heavy cream


You can froth heavy cream in three ways and put it over your coffee. Then, sit down and enjoy the creamy flavor of your java.

Hopefully, this article has helped you elevate your coffee game with frothed heavy cream. Please feel free to ask if you need any further information about it. Thank you for reading!

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