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Best Cuban Coffee Brand! Top 10 Choice of Coffee Lovers

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By Stacy Sanders

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Best Cuban Coffee Brand

Among many famous brands, Cuban coffee has always stood out with its original mild bitterness with its sugar and milk. So, they are the first choice for many coffee lovers who pursue classic and pure taste.

So, are all Cuban coffee brands good? Which are the best Cuban coffee beans?

I tested many different products from the best Cuban coffee brand. The 10 products below are the ultimate recommendations after my objective reviews.

Scroll down and get ready for delicious Cuban coffee!

Our Top Picks: Best Cuban Coffee Brand

The 10 Best Cuban Coffee Brands Review

Cuban coffee is always exceptional because of its rich appearance and attractive taste. It makes anyone who is the first time passionate and unforgettable.

Below are my top 10 best Cuban brands and coffee beans that have passed the strictest standards for you to consider.

#1. Best Cuban Coffee for Overall

Mayorga Dark Roast Coffee

Mayorga Dark Roast Coffee

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 5 lb
  • Roast level: Dark roast
  • Smell: Vanilla, sweet, syrup, smoke

Product Highlights

With many years of coffee experience, I appreciate what Mayorga Dark Roast Coffee performs. Everything is perfect for providing memorable expertise, from the bean’s appearance to the taste. Each finished coffee bean goes through a careful roasting process for rich color and moderate shine.

The percentage of whole grains in the bag is always at the maximum, and I rarely find flat or broken seeds.

About the taste, I am especially attracted by the product’s sweet aroma and light coffee with a syrupy texture. After each lip clicks, the robust flavor lingers on the palate and gives a beautiful and indescribable feeling.

Mayorga Dark Roast is one of the best Cuban coffee brands I have ever used. It helps limit the negative impact on the stomach and teeth.

Its intense and robust flavor may not suit those who have never tried coffee. One of my friends was almost intoxicated with caffeine on his first try.

To get used to this particular coffee efficiently, you need to start with lighter-flavored products.

What We Like

  • Best overall quality
  • Concentrated flavor
  • Certified organic
  • Smooth seed pods
  • Easy to drink for coffee lovers

Things to Consider

  • Not suitable for beginners

#2. Best Cuban Coffee for Strong Fragrance

Cafe La Llave Espresso Roast Coffee

Cafe La Llave Espresso Dark Roast

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Roast level: Dark roast
  • Smell: Chocolate, sweet, rich

Product Highlights

For me, the taste of Cafe La Llave Espresso Dark Roast Coffee is always the most special and perfect. The chocolate sweetness and gentle aroma from these coffee cups forever impress the user experience.

With a reasonably high caffeine content, this coffee is perfect to energize you for an active and alert morning. After many tries, I am satisfied with its neuro-stabilizing performance and excellent job support.

Using more milk and sugar to add a unique flavor to these coffee cups is an ideal suggestion. Accordingly, it will bring you a rich sweetness with a super attractive and intense aroma. Just click your lips, and you will forever remember that taste.

Yet, these Cuban-style coffee beans have a relatively strong smoky smell. So, beginners can easily choke and get shocked the first time they try it.

What We Like

  • Strong taste
  • Save your budget
  • Available with milk or sugar
  • Typical dark roast

Things to Consider

  • Strong smoky aftertaste

#3. Best Cuban Coffee for Ground Coffee

Chock Full o’ Nuts Donut Coffee

Chock Full o' Nuts Donut Shop Ground

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 10.2 oz
  • Roast level: Light roast
  • Smell: Bold, sweet

Product Highlights

Pre-ground coffee is excellent for busy individuals who still want to enjoy delicious coffee every morning. The most perfect for this feature is Chock Full o’ Nuts Donut Shop Ground Coffee. With a delicious, sweet taste and rich flavor, the product has become the first choice of many coffee lovers worldwide.

After many tries, I am satisfied with its taste and packaging. Instead of paper bags like many other brands, Chock Full O’nuts Cuban innovated with high-quality stainless steel boxes. Thus, you will preserve and keep the full bean flavor for a long time.

The original bitter taste of coffee can upset many drinkers. But, with this product, things will be completely different.

Carefully lightly roasted with accurate processing gives it a more pleasant taste, which is not as bitter as regular coffees.

The only downside lies in the composition. Its high caffeine content can cause neurological disorders in some people who are sensitive to this ingredient.

For a solution, you can dilute with more water than the manufacturer recommends to get a perfect cup of coffee.

What We Like

  • The best ground coffee
  • Sweet flavor
  • Modern packaging
  • Easy to store
  • Not bitter

Things to Consider

  • High caffeine content

#4. Best Cuban Coffee for Beginners

Cafe La Carreta Espresso Coffee

Cafe La Carreta Espresso Coffee

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 10 oz
  • Roast level: Light roast
  • Smell: Mild taste with a slight bitterness

Product Highlights

Cafe La Carreta Espresso Coffee was my favorite product in the early years of getting acquainted with coffee. With their mellow taste and unique freshness, these coffee cups are perfect for helping you get used to and upgrade your enjoyment of this beverage.

Its mild bitterness characterizes the taste of the best Cuban coffee brands. It makes anyone who uses it for the first time fall in love and can’t let go.

In the past, I used to need clarification about finding my authentic coffee taste to pursue. Fortunately, I found this coffee and successfully became an expert in testing and evaluating product flavors.

Cafe La Carreta Espresso Coffee is also the perfect choice for your Espresso machine. It makes delicious coffees for a relaxing and energetic morning.

Unfortunately, its cost is relatively high. You will pay twice as much compared to many similar products for Cafe La Carreta. Its durable scent and good moisture resistance will not disappoint you.

What We Like

  • For beginners
  • Mild and mildly bitter taste
  • Easy to drink and refreshing
  • Perfect choice for Espresso machine

Things to Consider

  • Rather expensive

#5. Best Cuban Coffee for Budget

Kahwa Cuban Coffee Beans

Kahwa Cuban Coffee Beans

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 1lb
  • Roast level: Dark roast
  • Smell: Chocolate, rich

Product Highlights

Kahwa Cuban Coffee Beans is the most affordable coffee on the market today that you should consider using.

About the taste, it’s not inferior to any coffee I’ve experienced with sweet and rich chocolate. To be more objective, I have tested this bean coffee with my wife many times.

We both tried it under hot doppios form, and the flavor it brought surprised me. After each lip clicks, the scent spreads around my mouth and lingers, something I’ve never experienced before.

As it is a high-quality whole-bean Cuban coffee, this product requires the user to grind it before use. Traditional and weak grinders will not smooth this coffee.

What We Like

  • Affordable price
  • Sweet chocolate flavor
  • Good taste in the mouth
  • Perfect for making a cortadito
  • For all consumers

Things to Consider

  • Requires a high-quality blender

#6. Best Cuban Coffee for Espresso Machines

Lavazza Super Crema Bean Coffee

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Rang level: Medium light
  • Smell: Fragrant, brown sugar, and hazelnuts

Product Highlights

I love the taste of Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Espresso Coffee. With a rich crema layer and an intense aroma, this coffee blend helps bring out a full and attractive flavor. It combines sweet brown sugar flavor with quality roasted chestnuts. All created exclusive flavors to use with your espresso machine.

To be as objective as possible in my comments, I asked my friends to test the product’s taste. And they all have a satisfied experience with this product.

Like Bustelo Cuban Espresso coffee, Its Arabica and Robusta bean mix takes complex pre-ground Cuban coffee flavors to the next level.

This one might be the best coffee I’ve ever had for my breakfast and dinner.

The only minus point is the shipping time. I received my coffee 8 days after ordering. Yet, everything should be faster for my uninterrupted use.

What We Like

  • Rich taste
  • Smooth aftertaste
  • Easy-to-drink Cuban coffee
  • Perfect for Espresso machines
  • Mix well Arabica and Robusta coffee beans

Things to Consider

  • Long shipping time

#7. Best Cuban Coffee for Milk and Sugar Coffee

Lavazza Crema e Aroma

Community Coffee Signature Blend Ground

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Roast level: Dark roast
  • Smell: Chocolate

Product Highlights

The best Cuban coffee brands combine milk and sugar to give this product a much better taste than other coffee on the market. And the Lavazza Crema e Aroma coffee does that very well.

Deep roasting and carefully selecting high-quality bean Espresso coffee create a unique rich Cuban flavor that permeates milk and sugar. It harmonizes to give the user an excellent and unforgettable taste sensation.

I have often enjoyed this pre-ground Cuban coffee and am satisfied with its taste. The sweet chocolate, fatty flavor, tantalizing milky, and intense aroma made my experience memorable. In the end, what remains in the palate is still sweetness, lightness, and highly attached.

Combining milk and sugar is also an excellent way to neutralize its original bitterness. If you follow the usual instructions from the manufacturer, the bitter taste may bother you more than ever.

What We Like

  • Best for sugar and milk
  • Rich and sweet taste
  • The roast level is average
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Available with many machines

Things to Consider

  • Bitter than usual

#8. Best Cuban Coffee for Fresh Roast

Volcanica Coffee Cubano

Volcanica Coffee Cubano

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • Roast level: Dark roast
  • Smell: Chocolate, caramel

Product Highlights

Carefully roasted fresh and sealed immediately afterward helps Volcanica Coffee Cubano retain moisture in each bag more impressively. From there, it enhances the delicious and attractive flavor in each use.

I’ve tried it with various recipes, including espresso and drip. And its taste is always personal, rich, and sweetly indulgent on every try.

I also like the manufacturer’s packaging for this product. Its sealing is button type, which is easy to store after different uses. Yet, the high acid content can damage your stomach if used regularly in large amounts.

What We Like

  • The best fresh roast
  • Bold and attractive flavor
  • Good packing style
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Quality whole-bean Espresso coffee

Things to Consider

  • Not suitable for stomach disease

#9. Best Cuban Coffee for Gifts

Atlas Coffee Club World of Coffee

Atlas Coffee Club World of Coffee

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 1.8 oz
  • Roast level: Light roast
  • Smell: Rich

Product Highlights

Atlas Coffee Club World of Coffee is a quality gift set for Cuban coffee enthusiasts worth considering.

Its eight bags with equal weight are specialties from 8 countries worldwide. It allows users to experience many different flavors at the same time.

I appreciate the creativity of the brand. Such a set package is perfect for satisfying the burning passion of coffee bean lovers like me.

This product’s rich, sweet, and full flavor convinced me. It makes my taste buds come to life after every waking moment.

Included in each box are impressive postcards. Inside, the manufacturer explains the flavor meaning in each bag from different countries.

What We Like

  • Rich taste
  • Light scent
  • An attractive gift set
  • Come with postcard
  • Elegant and luxurious boxed

Things to Consider

  • Poor shipping service

#10. Best Cuban Coffee for Medium Grill

Gavina Old Havana Espresso

Gavina Old Havana Espresso

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 32 ounces
  • Roast level: Medium-dark
  • Smell: Chestnut, sweet, a bit citrusy, smooth finish.

Product Highlights

Moderate baking makes the taste of Gavina Old Havana Espresso incredibly excellent and attractive.

On the first try, what stayed in my throat was a rich, clean, and not bitter taste. So, it is suitable for all different consumers, including beginners.

I like drinking Cuban coffee in the morning because of its great taste and smooth aftertaste. It creates an unforgettable feeling and lingers on your palate forever.

For added sweetness, you can serve it with milk and sugar. This blend will bring attractive, delicious, and greasy Cuban coffee drinks.

It helps you recharge each morning to work more energetically and joyfully.

What We Like

  • Best medium-baked
  • Suitable for morning use
  • Easy to use with milk and sugar
  • Perfect for delicious espressos
  • Sweet and attractive

Things to Consider

  • The packaging is not sturdy

Best Cuban Coffee: Buying Guides

Cuban coffee bean

Only some Cuban coffee brands are suitable for your taste. By sifting through the factors below, finding the product that works for you will be easier.

Coffee value

The real Cuban-style coffee value is the match between quality and money spent. Like many other products you want to buy, you want to make sure you’re getting the best coffee for your money.

If you need to learn what is a good Cuban coffee brand in the market, you can refer to my previous suggestions. Those are quality products and are quite affordable for your use requirements.


The best Cuban coffee is strong and roasted to a full-bodied level. However, there will still be different levels of roasting. Each class will correspond to other flavor characteristics. And you can find them in any coffee brand.

So it would help if you spent time researching the right flavor for your taste. With pre-roasted varieties from light to light, it is relatively easy to find in any Cuban coffee brand.


The texture is also an essential factor that you should consider when choosing the best Cuban coffee brands. It helps to differentiate between different coffee brands and tells you partly the product’s taste.

As with many Cuban coffees today, it is usually served as an espresso with milk or sugar added afterward.

To find the right texture, you need to know exactly which coffee suits your taste. For example, if you like to drink coffee with steamed milk, you should buy Cuban coffee with different ingredients.


What makes Cuban coffee unique?

The taste is what makes Cuban coffee special compared to many other coffee brands around the world. Cuban coffee is famous for its rich, sweet flavor and denser texture than other coffees.

It is made according to the traditional method, combining sugar with previously finely ground concentrated coffee. Mix them to create delicious, attractive espresso cups.

What coffee is best for Cuban coffee?

La Llave, Chock Full o’Nuts, or Pilon are the names that appear most often in the quality Cuban coffee checklist. Those are the top coffee brands with perfect flavors that captivate people.

With over 12 years of coffee use, I appreciate the Pilon Cuban-style coffee taste. It’s surprisingly rich and sweet, making each consumption experience more special and memorable.

What kinds of beans are available in Cuban coffee?

Cuban coffee is a carefully crafted blend of high-quality Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. Different from traditional Cuban coffee brands, many leading producers such as La Carreta have chosen to use coffee beans originating from South America, then roast and blend them according to their proprietary recipe.

What makes Cuban coffee so good?

The roasting technique is what makes the real Cuban-style coffee taste better. Depending on the roasting degree, the flavor will have its characteristics.

How long does Cuban coffee last in your system?

Cuban coffee can last for about 6 – 10 hours in your system because the caffeine content of some types is relatively high.


Mayorga Dark Roast Coffee or Chock Full o’ Nuts Donut Shop Ground Coffee are the two Cuban coffee brands I’m most satisfied with.

The great taste of the two coffee brands has an unforgettable aftertaste that I believe you will love those flavors as much as I do.

With the honest reviews for the Cuban coffee brand above, I hope to help you decide on the suitable option for your passion. Thank you for reading!

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